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You can earn 24 ECTS credits for school sector thanks to our seven post-graduated courses and five single subjects.

ICOTEA and E-CAMPUS provide “Teaching Italian L2 to foreign people" and "Educators specialising in social pedagogy".

24 ECTS, seven post-graduate courses and five single subjects:

If you enrol in one of our seven post-graduate courses you have the opportunity to earn three qualifications withour any additional cost: 

• certificate issued by Icotea, which gives you three points useful to improve your position in school rankings;

• certificate issued by e-Campus university, which prepares and certify exams concerning 24 ECTS in pedagogical, sociological and anthropological disciplines and in educational technologies and methodologies);

• PTC (professional training credits) for freelancers who work in public and private bodies and are entered on Orders/Registers/Councils.

Everybody needs 24 ECTS vale per tutti Regardless of the kind of degree.

Our seven post-graduate courses last 1500 hours (a year).

"Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role";

"Special Educational Needs (SEN)";

" Specific Learning Disability (SLD)";

“Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments”;

"ABA methods";

"School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout management”;

"The new leadership in the School 3.0: mobbing and school inclusion".

Single subjects

Each single subjects provides 6 ECTS:

• Pedagogy, social pedagogy and Inclusive teaching 150 hours
• Psychology (M-PSI) – 6 ECTS 150 hours
• Anthropology (M-DEA/01 – M-FIL/03 – L-ART/08) – 6 ECTS 150 hours;
• General educational and digital methodologies 150 hours;

The fifht course is cumulative:

24 ECTS: social pedagogy and Inclusive teaching (M-PED) + Psycology (M-PSI) + Anthropology (M-DEA/01 – M-FIL/03 – L-ART/08) + General educational and digital methodologies (M-PED/03 – M-PED/04) – 600 hours It includes the four subjects required, gives you 24 ECTS and lasts five months.

Teaching Italian L2 to foreign people

You need this graduate certificate in Teaching Italian L2 to foreign people and access certifications mentioned in Presidential decree of 14 February 2016 and in Ministerial Decree of 23 february 2016 No. 92, n. 19 to access the new category open to recruitment A23. This post-graduate course provides 72 ECTS required to access the new categories open to recruitment 43/A, 50/A, 51/A and 52/A, 45/A and 46/A. Test examinations will be certified by the eCampus University.

Educators specialising in social pedagogy 1500 hours – 60+16 ECTS

The Italian law called Legge Iori establishes that people who earn a bachelor’s degree in Education and Training (L-19) will automatically get the qualification of Educators specialising in social pedagogy. The entry into force of the national law 205/2017 introduces a transitional phase paragraph 597 (within three years from 2017) which establishes people who earned a diploma in Education and Training, within the academic year 2001-2002 (even those disconnected from G.A.E.), will get the qualification of “Educators specialising in social pedagogy”, after passing this intensive course. ICOTEA provides the course for “Educators specialising in social pedagogy” through blended learning. Lessons and exams of this course (1500 hours - Course duration 1 Year - 60 + 16 ECTS credits) will be certified by ICOTEA and the eCampus University.

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