ICOTEA and FIDIA Academy

FIDIA academy

ICOTEA has prepared for the School sector, for the purpose of issuing the 24 CREDITS, seven Masters and five single courses.

24 CREDITS: seven Masters and five single courses:

Attending one of the seven Masters allows you to obtain a triple certification, at no additional cost:

    a final certificate, issued by Icotea, which generates three points valid for improving the position in the school rankings;
    certification issued by the FIDIA Academy, present on Universitaly: https://www.universitaly.it/index.php/public/cfuCfaAfam, which prepares and validates the required exams and releases the 24 CFU in the anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and teaching methodologies and technologies that are used for the Teachers Competition;
    CFP (professional training credits) for freelancers, as public and non-public employees, registered with Orders / Registers / Colleges.

The obligation to acquire 24 CFUs applies to everyone and regardless of the type of degree held.

The seven Masters have a total of 1500 hours and an annual duration. The titles are:

"Pedagogy and school, the teaching profession for the changing school";
"B.E.S. - Special Educational Needs";
"'SLD - Specific learning disorders";
"Digital teaching methodologies and new learning environments";
"ABA methodologies";
"School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout Management";
"The new Leadership in school 3.0 between Mobbing and School Inclusion".

Single Courses

Five Single Courses generate 6 CFU each. The titles are as follows:

• Pedagogy, Special Pedagogy and Didactics of Inclusion (M-PED) - 6 CFU - 150 hours;
• Psychology (M-PSI) - 6 CFU - 150 hours;
• Anthropology (M-DEA / 01 - M-FIL / 03 - L-ART / 08) - 6 CFU - total hours 150;
• General Didactic Methodologies and Technologies (M-PED / 03 - M-PED / 04) - 6 CFU - total of 150 hours.
The fifth single course is cumulative and is entitled:
• 24 CREDITS: Special Pedagogy and Didactics of Inclusion (M-PED) + Psychology (M-PSI) + Anthropology (M-DEA / 01 - M-FIL / 03 - L-ART / 08) + General Didactic Methodologies and Technologies (M-PED / 03 - M-PED / 04) - total of 600 hours. It includes, in a single treatment, the four required disciplines, produces 24 CFU.

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