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Università LUM

 LUM University agreement

ICOTEA and LUM “Jean Monnet” University stipulated an orientation and internship agreement in order to promote the direct knowledge of the world of work through orientation and training internships.

Percorsi formativi in evidenza

Other courses Continuing Training Teaching and School | Immigration | Human Resource | Law/Economy | Healthcare | HACCP | Workplace safety | HACCP / Food handlers

Course COVID-19 Risk 20 hours

20 hours

Advanced Training Courses Languages | Import-Export | Mediation | Law/Economy

Import-export trade expert course 1500 hours


19 ECTS - 20 PTC

The Import-export trade expert (1500 hours, 19 ECTS) is able to use instruments concerning marketing mix, business communication and sales. The Import and export Trade expert has innate dialectic and linguistic competencies.