University Uninettuno

Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO

UNINETTUNO agreement

ICOTEA and UNINETTUNO University stipulated an agreement in order to carry out orientation and training internships.

Percorsi formativi in evidenza

Other courses Continuing Training Teaching and School | Immigration | Human Resource | Law/Economy | Healthcare | HACCP | Workplace safety | HACCP / Food handlers

Course COVID-19 Risk 20 hours

20 hours

Continuing Training Post-graduate courses Human Resource | Law/Economy | Healthcare

Post-graduate course Management and Health coordination

ECTS 60 - CME 50 - PTC 45 - 12 months long
This post-graduate course aims at providing the right preparation for carrying out management, planning and co-ordination activities concerning health system. This course is for healthcare professionals who a have a bachelor's degree and work at private bodies, where internships and competitions aren't required for obtaining co-ordination tasks.