ECTS credits

What are the ECTS?

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) correspond to the Italian CFUs and represent a manner of measuring the student workload in the Italian universities. This system was introduced by the university reform M.D. 3 November 1999 n. 509. A certain number of ECTS is associated to each university exam. Conventionally 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours of study. In order to obtain the Bachelor’s degree in Linguistic Mediation, the student needs to earn 180 credits (in accordance with the Ministerial Decree n. 38 10 January 2012), which are divided over three years. The really interesting aspect for those who want to enrol in this degree course is that it is possible to recover several CFU graduate in a short time, thanks to the recognition of University Educational Credits, which are the result of previous university careers, concluded or suspended, and of working experiences related to the world of language mediation.

Icotea doesn't recognize previously acquired credits, except for the bachelor’s degree course in Lingusitic Mediation.

 ECTS and Single courses

In order to acquire any missing ECTS in a specific disciplinary field, you can enrol directly in one subject as a single course.

 The credits obtained are certified and valid according to the regulations in force.

 Students enrolled in other University Institutions, AFAM Institutions and Fine Arts Academies can enrol in our single courses as far as it is allowed by the institutions they belong to.

CME Credits - Continuing Medical Education

 What is the CME system?

 The CME system (Continuing Medical Education) is a system that includes the organized and controlled set of all training activities, promoted by anyone with the aim of maintaining high and updated professionalism among health professionals.

 What are CME credits?

 CME credits are a measure of the commitment and time that each healthcare professional has dedicated annually to training or updating the quality level of their profession.

 ICOTEA is CME Provider n. 4182

 ICOTEA has been accredited by the Ministry of Health as Provider n. 4182 for CME training - Continuing Medical Education. Therefore, Icotea is authorized to provide training for healthcare professionals and issue certification of training credits to its students.

 Professional Training Credits - PTC (CFP in Italian)

 In 2013 ICOTEA introduced the Professional Training, dedicating some space to the updating courses for professionals. Immediately after the introduction of compulsory Continuing Education for members of the respective professional orders in January 2014, ICOTEA obtained the accreditation as CME Provider no. 4182 for the health professions.

 ICOTEA Continuing Education Accreditations

 ICOTEA is recognized and authorized as a provider of distance learning by several Orders, Professional Associations and Colleges.

 Here below you can find the complete list:

 - Ministry of Health: CME Provider No. 4182;

 - National Council of Bars and Law Societies;

 - National Council of Social Workers;

 - National Council of Notaries;

 - National Council of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts;

 - National Council of Labour Consultants;

 - National Council of Engineers;

 - National Council of Chemists;

 - National Council of Industrial Technicians;

 - National Council of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors;

 - National Council of Architects;

 - National Council of Geologists;

 - National Council of Agronomists and Foresters;

 ICOTEA is currently the Training Institute with the largest number of training proposals in the field of Continuing Education for professionals.

 To this end, ICOTEA, at the end of the training courses on Continuing Education, issues qualifications which are valid in Italy and abroad, guaranteeing the obtention of the Professional Training Credits (CFP) required by the regulations.

Training courses in evidence