Excuse me, are you accredited?

ICOTEA, University Institute and  SSML (Italian School for Language Mediators) is accredited  by many Ministries as well, such as: MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research); MINISTRY OF JUSTICE;  MINISTRY OF LABOR AND SOCIAL POLICIES;  MINISTRY OF HEALTH; MEPA platform (Public Administration Electronic Market). Different professional orders, such as: CNI (National Council of Engineers), CNF (National Lawyer Council), CNC (National Council of Chemists), CNOAF (National Council of Social Assistants), CNA (National Council of Architects), etc.  CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), GATEHOUSE (International Certifications - English Language) / TELC (German Language Certifications)/ Herzen University Saint Petersburg (Russian Language Certifications). Over the years ICOTEA obtained many other accreditations and certifications, increasing the training courses.

Training courses in evidence

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Post-graduate course in Family Nursing


ECTS 60 - CME 50 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

This course aims at providing specific knowledge to nurses concerning primary medical care. At the end of this course the student will be able to assess people's state of health and give them assistance. This professional figure plans and creates informative interventions, takes part in research and sets up quality standards.