Final Exam

What about the final exam?

At the end of the course, in order to obtain the final certificate, you will have to do one or more online multiple-choice quiz made up of 20/30 questions, directly on our e-learning platform. You will need to get a pass mark to succeed the exam. The online quiz is not immediately available, but it depends on the duration of your course. For example, for the single subjects courses lasting 75 days, the online quiz will be available at the 70 day from your registration.

Once you obtained the final results of the quiz, you'll have to send a screenshot of your score to

Moreover, in addition to the final exam, the teacher may ask you a SkypeCall to ask you more questions.

For those post-graduate courses giving 24 ECTS credits, it is possible to do the 4 exams every 5 days, to obtain the certificate of 24 ECTS.

At the end of the course, once you have passed the exam, you can download the final certificate directly on the e-learning platform.