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We offer simple and prompt online procedure of course enrollment including class registration right on our website. You can easily enroll in a course following simple steps. Once you've selected your course, click Discover more and pass to the webpage with all the details about the course: objectives, employment opportunities, financial aids, access certifications, teaching method, study plan and other features.

On the right side of the webpage you will get all essential information:

To enrol in a course you select the product, quantity and click “enrol and buy”.

Adding the course to cart available at the top right corner and clicking the cart you may see related content and complete the purchase. Inserting your email address and filling out the form with the required data including the acknowledgment and acceptance of terms you click Continue and choose among available payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, postal transfer or PostePay. Once you've chosen the payment method, you will read your order summary. Clicking on Buy you complete your order actually enrolling in your new course.

You will receive three emails in total. First one is “WELCOME” letter, second email is one with the registration of your “ORDER” and the last one confirming “RECEIPT” of course enrollment with funded training voucher in attached. Once you have filled in all details send it to icotea@icotea.it with the copy of registration fee.


Once you are officially registered (funded training voucher + registration fee), ICOTEA will send you an email with the class registration procedure, deadlines and access key to your lessons available in the section “E-LEARNING”(on the top right corner and illustrated below). E-LEARNING lessons are also available using apps, tablets or smartphones.

Percorsi formativi in evidenza

Other courses Continuing Training Teaching and School | Immigration | Human Resource | Law/Economy | Healthcare | HACCP | Workplace safety | HACCP / Food handlers

Course COVID-19 Risk 20 hours

20 hours

Post-graduate courses Teaching and School

Post-graduate course in Special Educational Needs


ECTS credits 24+36 - 50 credits CME / 20 CFP

This postgraduate training in Special Educational Needs (personalised learning, 1500 hours) offers outstanding economic advantages.