ICOTEA advantages

Training voucher

ICOTEA is an e-learning institute that allows the use of vouchers for training courses. Thanks to the training voucher, you...

E-learning platform available 24/7

Our training portal is available 24/7, so you will attend lessons wherever and whenever you want. You will enjoy: - a tutor...

ICOTEA headquarters

Milan - Rome - Modica

Final Certificate

You can download from e-learning platform both your Finale Certificate and certification containing topics dealth with in your...


Icotea as University Institute has received the ATECO Code N° 85.42 and Code/SDI: LM8ØSOU. So, educational programmes offered...

Italian Public Administration e-Marketplace (MePA)

Icotea is authorised by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, and Consip to buy Public Administration services, by...

Right to study of 150 hours

Certificates for the right to study of 150 hours per year.



Professional Training Credits

ICOTEA, learning institute with ministerial accreditations, allows its students to take advantage of:

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Funded Training Voucher, a funding granted by the European Union which assures the partial coverage of the total amount of masters/degree/courses;

Teacher’s card: compatibility of Funded Training Voucher and "Teacher's Card €500.00". ICOTEA is a ministerial e-learning institute accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, in accordance with the Directive 170/16, Dealer code ZAIXV. Teachers can enrol in our training courses taking advantage of the Teacher’s Card;

Payment by instalments, for the amount not included in the funding, without any additional cost;

Work exemption acknowledgment, for the Right to education, for 150 hours per year;

Assistance through a learning portal available 24/7;

Personal Assistant/Tutor;

Lessons immediately available within 24 hours of registration, you can follow lessons from your computer whenever and wherever you want, 24/7;

• Lessons immediately available also in printable version (non-copyable);

• intermediate and final thesis in Distance Learning;

• Certificates have legal value both in Italy and abroad for public competitions, school ranking update and career advancement;

CME professional credits, necessary for health careers in general;

PTC (Professional Training Credits) related to professionals as Engineers, Chemists, Journalists, Labour Consultants, Social Assistants, Notaries, etc.

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System Credits). Degree in Linguistic mediation science, Masters, Advanced training courses and Update issue ECTS.