Accredited institute by the Ministry

Accredited institute by the MIUR (Ministry of education, university and research).

ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute authorised by the MIUR (Ministry of education, university and research) to provide both training and the degree in Linguistic Mediation Science.

It is accredited by the Ministry of Justice, as a training institution for Mediators/Conciliators and Mediation body.

It is authorised by the Ministry of Health as Provider n. 4182 in order to offer CME training - Continuing Medical Education.

Icotea was authorised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Trasport to perform training programmes concerning the road haulage for hire or reward-Ministerial Degree 198/91 art 7 paragraph 2.

Professional credits are recognised for free professions concerning engineers, chemists, journalists, labour consultants, social workers, notaries e statutory auditors.

The certifications issued by ICOTEA are valid in Italy and abroad. You can use them for public competitions, career advancement, school rankings, CME/training credits related to medical professions.

In accordance with the current legislation, you will take advantage of the work exemption acknowledgement by the Public Administration, which recognises ICOTEA as an accredited and certified learning institute.

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