Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

Within 24 hours of registration, the student will be notified of the registration procedure and the access key to access the training course where he will find all the lessons of the training course;

To register on the ICOTEA e-learning platform, here is the procedure: enter your username, password and biometric facial recognition, you will be asked to take a picture of yourself via the webcam of your PC or the camera of the device from which you connect. We recommend that you frame the face completely for the photo, without covering it with your hands, hair, headphones or other.

The lessons are in scorm, i.e. consequential, the physical presence of the student is therefore required in order to continue with the subsequent lessons and to access the various intermediate and final exams.

Final exams consist of a series of multiple choice tests and oral exam.

In order to complete the verification, in this period, through the ZOOM platform (before the exam date you will be sent a guideline for registering with ZOOM), will proceed to the oral exam. The questions posed by the teacher will focus on the topics of the training plan studied by the student.

After passing the final exams, ICOTEA will also verify the "Access Reports", and issue the final certificate only if the lessons have been downloaded, have passed the written exam (multiple choice test) and oral exam.

The final certificate can be downloaded from the e-learning platform at the top of the page of the training course you are enrolled in, after having taken and passed the final test and oral exam, paid for and after the duration of the training course.

Sciences of Linguistic Mediation and Masters are university training courses, therefore there is a ban on contemporaneity with other university courses.

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