Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

Within 24 hours of registration, we will send you the registration procedure and the access key in order to access your training programme, in which you will find all lessons.

- In order to help the student to study, lessons are in pdf/power point format. You can print them (non-copyable);

- The student will have to draw up halfway essays in order to verify the level reached during the training programme;

- For the final exam you will have to send your thesis to icotea@registerpec.it;

- The Final certificate and the concerning documentation about debated topics will be send via e-mail; the original ones will be send by first class to the address the student wrote in the registration form or voucher

- Masters and the degree in Linguistic mediation science are academic training programmes, so you can’t attend others academic courses at the same time.

Percorsi formativi in evidenza

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