Accessibility for blind people

ICOTEA is sensitive to its student’s needs, so both our website and our e-learning section are accessible for blind people.

Blind people can access our training offer:

• post-graduate courses;
continuing training;
post-graduate specialisation course;
specialisation courses;
two-year specialisation courses;
Italian courses;
advanced training courses;
single subjects;

linguistic certifications;

IT certifications;

Other courses.

Our website has been projected in compliance with the technical requirements included in the Italian Ministerial Decree 8 july 2005 (annex A) updated with the M.D. 20 march 2013 Law 4/2004 "Provisions to promote computer access for disabled people", called ‘Stanca Act’.

You can access through your keyboard, text to speech reader and all helpful instruments used by disabled people.


Courses that you might be interested in...

Advanced Training CoursesContinuing Training

Cultural/intercultural Mediator course 1500 hours

Teaching and School | Languages | Conflict Management | Immigration | Import-Export | Mediation | Human Resource

Advanced training course 1500 hours – 60 ECTS
60 ECTS – 20 PTC

Other courses

Work-related learning course 12 hours

Workplace safety

Compulsory course about safety at work, E-learning 12 hours
Medium risk – Education/School sector


Degree in Linguistic mediation

Teaching and School | Languages | Import-Export | Continuing education | Mediation | Human Resource

The degree course in Linguistic mediation (L-12) lasts three years and provides 180 ECTS. It allows student...

Advanced Training Courses

Import-export trade expert course 1500 hours

Languages | Import-Export | Mediation | Law/Economy

19 ECTS – 20 PTC

The Import-export trade expert (1500 hours, 19 ECTS) is able to use instruments concernin...

Single subjects

24 ECTS 600 Hours

Teaching and School

24 credits

Two-year specialisation coursesContinuing Training

Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD

Teaching and School | Continuing education

Two–year specialisation course
ABA method, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Specific Learning Disability ...

Two-year specialisation courses

Specialisation course in family mediation

Teaching and School | Conflict Management | Continuing education | Mediation | Civil partnership

Two–year specialisation course in family mediation
120 ECTS – 50 – 3000 hours

Other courses

Training course for navigator

Human Resource | Law/Economy

Training course in navigator
100 hours –PTC 4 –CME 10

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate course for Learning support teachers

Teaching and School | Conflict Management | Continuing education | Human Resource | Healthcare

ECTS 24+36 - CME 50 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

Learning support teachers focus on the provision of suppleme...

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication

Import-Export | Continuing education | Human Resource | Digital | Law/Economy

ECTS 60 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

This post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication aims at ...

Post-graduate courses

Post-graduate course in Family Nursing

Continuing education | Human Resource | Healthcare

CME 50 - 12 months long

This course aims at providing specific knowledge to nurses concerning primary medi...

Single subjects

General psychology (M-PSI/01)


Single subject: General psychology (M-PSI/01) – 300 hours – 12 ECTS credits –75 days long
12 ECTS credits

Single subjects

Political and economic geography

Teaching and School | Law/Economy | Geography

Single subject: Political and economic geography (M-GGR/02) –300 hours –12 ECTS credits – 75 days long
12 EC...