Accessibility for blind people

ICOTEA is sensitive to its student’s needs, so both our website and our e-learning section are accessible for blind people.

Blind people can access our training offer:

• post-graduate courses;
continuing training;
post-graduate specialisation course;
specialisation courses;
two-year specialisation courses;
Italian courses;
advanced training courses;
single subjects;

linguistic certifications;

IT certifications;

Other courses.

Our website has been projected in compliance with the technical requirements included in the Italian Ministerial Decree 8 july 2005 (annex A) updated with the M.D. 20 march 2013 Law 4/2004 "Provisions to promote computer access for disabled people", called ‘Stanca Act’.

You can access through your keyboard, text to speech reader and all helpful instruments used by disabled people.

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