Dott. Rosario Gianna

Dott. Rosario GiannaRosario Gianna is ICOTEA Amnistrative Director.
He gets a degree in Economy and Management and he achieved a Master in Project Management, consolidating his preparation in company organization.
After various job experiencesin Hotel and Spa, where he worked in Front and Back office and managing perhaps company social networks, he joines ICOTEA, where he plays at the beginning the role of Administrative Assistant and then Administrative Director.
Sportive from birth, he practised swimming and water polo. Later, after he finished agonistic experience, he is remained in this sector, training waterpolo youth team. Thanks to sport, he gained a strong propensity to team working.
Japanese comics enthsusiastic, like manga and anime, he is attracted by all that means the East and, in particular, Japan.
He speaks fluently Italian, English and Spanish.
His motto is: “Bring me a real challenge”.

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"Post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication "


ECTS 60 - PTC 45 - 12 months long

This post-graduate in law, Marketing and Business communication aims at training professional figures able to promote products and services, favour the development of human capital, analyse market dynamics and have a conversation with the interested parties.
The student has to have organisational and communicative skills and be interested in long term wellbeing.