Prof.ssa Vanessa Giuca

VanessaVanessa Giuca is Professor of German Language
After she achieved the Degree in Foreign Language and Literature with highest honors and laude, she specialized in foreign languages, English and German.
Perhaps, she completed two Advanced Education courses in Managerial technique for touristic companies and in Social Media Marketing and Communication.
She worked as receptionist in Hotel and B&B and as collaborator in accommodation and integration centers.
Thanks to her brilliant studies and to her excellent communicative and relational skills she is the responsible of ICOTEA e-commerce and, in particular, the selling of ICOTEA educational products
History of Art and Tourism enthusiastic, she loves all that means foreign languages and culture.
She speaks fluently Italian, English and German.
Her motto is a Virginia Woolf’s quotation: “There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind”.