Prof.ssa Loredana Calabrese

calabreseLoredana Calabrese is Professor of Private Law Institution of the Degree Course in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation at ICOTEA.

After obtaining a Law Degree at the University of Catania and practicing in a well-known law firm in Modica, she qualified as a lawyer and enrolled in the Register of Lawyers at the Council of the Order of Modica.

In 2003 she founded her own law firm in Modica, specializing in issues related to civil law and procedural law, but above all in criminal law and proceedings.

Registered in the regional list of “Commissari Liquidatori di Società Cooperative e loro Consorzi”, she provides legal advice to companies, also dealing with debt collection and enforcement procedures.

During her career she never stopped training: since 2009 she specialized in holding and administrating estates and foreclosures, obtaining registration in the list of Professionals delegated to real estate sales and insolvency practitioners in various courts, from Ragusa and Modica to Syracuse and Trani.

She also gained significant experience in the educational field, taking part to several conferences on many branches of law: crime of stalking, violation of the obligations of family assistance, environmental protection and development, reform of the tertiary sector.

She was involved in legal aspects of volunteer associations and non-profit organizations that deal with aid immigrants or asylum seekers, collaborating in the "Progetto Lampedusa " established in 2014.

She speaks English fluently.

Her motto is: “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” – Victor Hugo -

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