Prof.ssa Simona Saccaro

Prof.ssa Simona SaccaroSimona Saccaro is ICOTEA Director of Safety Area .
After she attended Classical Lyceum, Simona Saccaro achieved the degree in Science of Linguistic Mediation at School of Advanced Study for Linguistic Mediators of Centro Masterly in Palermo and the French Master in International Communication at “Civic Schools for Interpreters and Translators Altiero Spinelli” of Fondazione Milano.
After she finished her studies, she consolidated and professionalized, setting job experiences and studies. After a stage at Press Office and PR of marketing company AIGO in Milan, she held the role of Italian Pavilion Ambassador during Expo Milan 2015, where she managed Event official Facebook page, writing contents in English and French.
Then, in quality of Assistant Project Management she followed up some projects for “Civic Schools for Interpreters and Translators” of Fondazione Milano, managing social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and the blog too.
She followed up, as Project Manager the development and management of a project, finalized to start-up Baciaski’s launch, in Prali, Piedmont.
Thanks to her specialization in foreign languages, she collaborated with News Esteri of Radio Popolare in Milan, working in publishing and creation of interviews and translations in English and French.
She is co-autor of the book “Comunicatori e bottega: e noi che pensavamo solo di andare all’università”.
Social networks and trend lover, her passions are: fitness, travels and italian food.
She speaks fluently Italian, English and French.
Her motto is a Charlie Chaplin’s quotation:
Il suo motto è una citazione di Charlie Chaplin: “A day without smile is a lost day .

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