Rettrice Prof.ssa Luciana Barone

Luciana 3 okLuciana Barone is the CEO of ICOTEA, where she is also University President and Professor of Private Law of the Degree Course in Science of Linguistic Mediation.
She achieved two Master’s Degrees, in Political Science and in Law.
She gets also two Masters, in “Legal Comparatives Studies” an in “Health Management”.
Thanks to an intensive studies and research activity and to an abvious ability to develop problem solving, she has always managed to anticipate processes, identifying in e-learning sector, the best methodology of education. E-learning revolution in education field brought today significant changes in terms of professional training and update courses.
She has always been drawn to social problematics: she liaised training courses focused on specific learning disabilities and on problematics of cultural mediation and integration.
In addition to the activities of University President and Professor, she works on a almost visionay idea: the creation of a real Universitary Centre, with different degree courses, provided with blended methodology. In her vision, the Athenaeum will be set a citadel of culture, including the activities of university training, the performance of cultural territorial initiatives, a centre of growth and cultural propensity and euro-mediterranean integration.
Quizzes and logic games enthusiastic, in the past she practised tennis at competitive level.
Appassionata di enigmistica classica e di logica, in passato ha praticato tennis a livello agonistico.
She speaks fluently Italian and English.
Her motto is: “I go looking for all I like to do. For this reason, my head is always on the road.

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Graduation Continuing Training Teaching and School | Languages | Import-Export | Mediation | Human Resource

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