Offering excellent choice of courses among online teaching companies we seek for flexibility, high standards and benefits for our students. Our mission defines benefits and distinctive features of online teaching programs by ICOTEA. Services provided by ICOTEA represent safe and useful investment blending high value, elevated standards and cost-effectiveness considering modern marketing needs and upcoming trends.

Here are core values defining ICOTEA among the variety of online teaching companies worldwide:

Particular attention to students

ICOTEA focuses its activities on the students’ needs, trying to satisfy their current needs and anticipating upcoming changes.

Involvement of Human Resources

ICOTEA Staff consists of highly qualified and competent professionals who utilise updated and innovative teaching methods, with the use of new digital technologies delivering effective corporate communication.

Continuous improvement

The purpose of a continuous improvement and high quality standards of online teaching programs is a key aspect for ICOTEA:

• Compliance with quality standards;
• Compliance with ISO system;
• Study, update and Life Learning.

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