Certified Energy Auditor for buildings course - 80 hours

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€ 689
Total cost of course: € 499
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The remaining € 250 will be paid at the end of the course, with no additional costs
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Certified Energy Auditor for buildings course - 80 hours

The energy certification is a very important current topic and it offers a wide variety of employment opportunities. ICOTEA has always taken a keen interest in proposing a training that can offer concrete possibilities in the world of work. For this reason, ICOTEA provides the Certified Energy Auditor course that gives the possibility to obtain the qualification of energy auditor in accordance with the Presidential decree 75/2013.
With the Ministerial decree dated 26 June 2015, new rules replaced those ones established by the Presidential decree n. 59/2009 about the energy performance of buildings. In particular, this decree updates directives included in Legislative decree 63/2013 concerning the concept of a nearly zero-energy building and establishes new minimum energy performance standards. As well it includes information for calculating energy performance of buildings, and discloses contents and formats related to the new energy performance certificate for buildings.


- ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR; the certificates issued by ICOTEA have legal value in Italy and abroad.
- This course for Certified Energy Auditor for buildings provided by ICOTEA is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of the Environment and for Protection of the Land and Sea and Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport; in accordance with the art. 2 paragraph 5 of the Presidential decree n. 75/2013.
- Professional training credits will be granted to freelancers, public or private employees registered in Orders/Professional registers/Councils.
- The final certificate will be issued within 24 hours of passing your exam. It will contain the following wording: "Certified Energy Auditor for buildings - 80 hours".

Economic advantages

- The training course is partially covered by the funded training voucher, that is a funding, available by 31/05/2020, ICOTEA obtained in order to partially cover the total amount of this course. The total investment is € 689.00, but with this voucher you will pay only € 499.00, including VAT;
- Payment by instalments: initial registration fee (€ 249,00) and payment by balance (€ 250,00) at the end of the course, with any additional cost.

When does this course start?

- This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
- You have to enrol by 31/05/2020;
- For access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol in this course";
- This course consists of 80 hours.

Occupational opportunities

Freelancer and/or employee either at a private company or for a public body:
- Private companies which operate in the field of construction or in environmental and industrial sectors
- Professional planning and consultation studies in the field of construction, energy and environment
- Municipal and regional technical bodies
- Public bodies which operate in the field of construction and plant design

Education news

- Blended learning and full immersion.

Access certifications

- Engineering
- Architecture
- Physics
- Mathematics
- Chemistry
- Geology
- Agronomy
- Environmental Sciences
Upper secondary school diploma:
- Surveyor
- Agricultural expert or agricultural technician
- Industrial expert

Study plan

- Energy efficiency

- Regional legislation, role and function of the energy auditor
- Energetics
- Methodology and criterions for the energy classification
- Living comfort and material sustainability
- Eco-compatibility of materials
- Economic assessment of investment
- Final exam
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