Course School 3.0: cyberbullying and burnout management 1500 hours - duration of one year

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€ 999
Total cost of course: € 649
Registration fee € 249
The remaining € 400 will be paid at the end of the course, with no additional costs
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Course School 3.0: Cyberbullying and Burnout Management

60 ECTS credits (INF/01) are awarded for successfully completed Burnout and Cyberbullying Management course. Course duration is 1 year (1500 hours). This specialization course provides tools based on behavioral science in order to solve cyber-bullying problems at schools.

Thanks to this graduate certificate in burnout and cyber bullying management teachers will be able to cooperate with professionals who work at information and consultation bodies.



Opportunity to obtain a work exemption acknowledgement, with PERMISSIONS, thanks to the right to education of 150 hours per year, in accordance with the current legislation;

The final qualification is valid to update school rankings, in particular for teachers belonging to G.A.E. (3 points),Graduatorie di Istituto I fascia (1 point), Graduatorie di Istituto II/III fascia (1 point), and Mobility and transfers (1 point).


Economic advantages

• This training is partially funded thanks to theTraining Voucher, available by 31/05/2020. The total investment is € 999.00, but thanks to this voucher you will pay only € 649.00, VAT included;

Payment by installments: initial registration fee (€ 249.00) and payment by balance (€ 400.00) at the end of the course, without any additional cost.


Teacher's card

• compatibility of the funded Training Voucher and the "€ 500.00 teacher's card". ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR, in accordance with the Directive 170/16, Dealer code ZAIXV.

• Teachers can enroll in our courses taking advantage of the Teacher's card.


When does this course start?

• Burnout and Cyberbullying Management course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
•you have to enroll by 31/05/2020;

• this course is financed by the training voucher and it lasts 1500 hours;

• for access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enroll to the course";
• you can't attend other academic courses at the same time.


Occupational opportunities

• School rankings;

• public selections;

• participation in announcements, projects, etc. ;

• professional development.


Educational news

• Opportunity to take advantage of the right to education of 150 hours per year, in accordance with the current legislation;

• blended lessons and exams (online + video conferencing + video lessons);

• training portal is available 24/7;

• lessons are available within 24 hours of registration (online + video conferencing + video lessons from your computer, whenever and wherever you want);

• lessons will be available within 24 hours of registration;

• a tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.


Access certifications

• school-leaving certificate;

• teachers working on a fixed term contract who need certificates to earn points for school rankings.


Study plan

• Italian school system and itsdevelopment

• General pedagogy

• Pedagogy of deviance

• General psychology and psychology of groups

• Work Related Stress

• Burnout

• Facilitated communication

• Bullying and cyberbullying

• Educational technologies and methodologies

• Students who suffer from Special Educational Needs

• The role and tasks of teachers

• Final Exam

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Funded training voucher

Payment by instalments without any additional cost

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Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

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