English I (L- LIN/12) 200 hours-8 ECTS

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Single course: English I (L-LIN/12) - 200 hours - 8 ECTS credits - 50 days

8 ECTS -(L-LIN/12)

ICOTEA is authorised to provide the Degree Course in Linguistic Mediation Science by the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education, University and Research), M.D. dated 23 September 2013, published in O.J. n. 242 dated 15 October 2013. ICOTEA offers the possibility to attend single courses that are part of our degree course in Linguistic Mediation Science. After passing your exams, you will earn the ECTS credits and receive your certificate. The single courses are taken by our degree programme, including those freely chosen by the student.

The single course English I (L-LIN/12) lasts 200 hours and 50 days and gives you 8 ECTS credits. After passing your final test, you will receive the attendance certificate including the scientific disciplinary sector and the ECTS credits of your exam.


Integration of the Study Plan: Attending this single course gives you 8 ECTS credits in the (L-LIN/12). This course is for graduates who need to follow these courses and pass the exams of those subjects that were not included in their degree study plan so that they can be admitted to master's degree programmes, postgraduate specialty schools or public competitions;

Work Exemption: possibility to obtain a work exemption acknowledgement, with PERMISSIONS, thanks to the right to education, in accordance with the current legislation.

Economic Advantages

There are the following economic advantages:
• this course is partially funded by the EU through the EU Training Voucher, available by 31/05/2020. The total investment is € 449,00, but thanks to this Voucher you will pay only € 249,00, VAT included;
Compatibility of the funded training voucher and the"€ 500.00 Teacher's Card". ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR, in accordance with the Directive 170/16 Dealer code ZAIXV. Teachers can enrol in our courses taking advantage of the Teacher's Card.

When does this course start?

• This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access online lessons immediately;
• You have to enrol by 31/05/2020;
• For access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol to the Course";
this course is 200 hours long and lasts 50 days.

Educational Advantages

• Blended lessons and exams (online + video conferencing + video lessons);
• The training portal is available 24/7;
• Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration (online + video conferencing + video lessons from your computer, whenever and wherever you want);
• A tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours;
• Opportunity to take advantage of the right to education, in accordance with the current legislation.

Occupational opportunities

• Study Plan Integration;
• Public competitions;
• Admission to master's degree programmes or postgraduate specialty schools.

Access certifications

High School Diploma or Degree

Study Plan

How to build a sentence; The Affirmative sentence; The Interrogative sentence; The Negative sentence; The Interrogative-negative sentence; Words' order; Digging deeper; Articles; Indefinite articles; Use of indefinite articles; Differences with Italian indefinite articles; Other use of indefinite articles;, A(n) VS One, Definite article; Differences and similarities to Italian definite articles; General rule of the definite article's use; Differences with Italian, use and omission with certain nouns; Nouns; Plural Nouns; Irregular Plural Nouns; Nouns with two plurals; Letters' Plural; Numbers and Abbreviations; Singular Nouns; Nouns only used in Plural; Plural form instead of singular one; Countable Nouns; Compound Nouns; Possessive forms of Nouns; English Possessive; Genitive case introduced by of; Double genitive; Qualifying and comparative adjectives; Adjectives; Qualifying Adjectives; Adjectives and Nouns of Nationalities; Substantive Adjectives; Prefixes and Suffixes; Adjectives order; Comparative and Superlative Adjectives; Irregular Comparative Adjectives; Second term of Comparison; Other uses of more; Intensifying Adverbs; Different uses of comparative forms; Comparative of Equality; Comparative and Superlative of minority; Absolute superlative; Determinative adjectives and pronouns; Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns; Possessive adjectives and pronouns; Indefinite adjectives and pronouns; Partitive indefinite adjectives; Indefinite composed of some, any, and avery; Indefinite quantitative adjectives; Indefinite ""other""; One/Ones; Distributive adjectives and pronouns; both, neither, either, none; wh-words, who or which, what or which; wh-words+ever and prepositions; wh-words+ever; Exclamative adjectives, pronouns and adverbs; How; Numeral adjectives and pronouns; Fractions and arithmetic operations; Time; Personal, reflexive, reciprocal and relative pronouns; Adverbs of time; Adverbs of place; Adverbs of intensity; The prepositions; Connectors; the Infinitive form; the -ing form; The Imperative; The Present; The Past; Irregular Verbs.

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