Italian language course for non-native Italian-speakers: 100 hours

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€ 1500
Total cost of course: € 1199
Registration fee € 399
The remaining € 800 will be paid at the end of the course, with no additional costs
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We offer best way to learn Italian online blending expertise in distance education, latest trends in local communication standards and iconic examples of Italian lessons. E-learning Italian course for non-native speakers expands communicative opportunities in line with modern needs and social standards.

Language courses and stays abroad represent a golden opportunity to learn a foreign language in a quick and natural way. Direct knowledge of a different civilization makes the learning of its language easier.
Students who decided to learn Italian language attending a special course fornon-native speakers (100 hours) will stay at our Italian headquarters. It is the best way to learn Italian with a complete immersion into a process surrounded by native speakers and its inimitable culture. Such Italian lessons will definitely open student's minds, both from a linguistic and cultural point of view, to respond more effectively to the needs of the global employment market.

Why choosing our Italian language course fornon-native Italian-speakers - 100 hours

You will learn Italian language with following advantages:
- Quick improvement thanks to a learning practical method that offers interactive classrooms activities through the best teaching with technology and through a cultural full immersion;
- In-depth Italian lessons with extensive use of language in a wide range of situations of daily and professional life;
- Discovery of new culture enriching your own cultural and social knowledge;
- New friendships and professional relationships;
- High-value certificate recognised in Italy and abroad thanks to e-learning Italian accreditations and certifications related to ICOTEA.

Recipients and headquarters

This course is for non-native Italian-speakers having different linguistic levels, from the beginner level to the advanced one. Students aged 18 years and over will learn Italian language at our Italian headquarters.

Timetable and duration

From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. for 25 hours per week. The Italian language course for non-native Italian-speakers lasts a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks.
You have to enrol by 30/06/2019.


1) Visa to study

The visa to study allows foreigners to enter the Italy for stays of up to 90 days and over to attend academic single courses, professional training courses or postgraduate training practices. This aforementioned indications aim to point out foreign students that learn Italian online and want to attend this course directly with a visa, in accordance with Italian law and international agreements between Italy and foreign countries.

2) Complete organisation

-On request, students can take advantage of a complete service, thanks to our assistance and support: travel planning (flights and transfers);
-Stay organisation, both for accommodation at apartments, B&B, or hotels, and food.

3) Training offer and customised logistics

-Lessons timetable is developed according to personal needs of the student;
-Study activities are integrated with guided tours in sites of cultural, monumental, and historical interest, which Unesco has designated as belonging to the world cultural heritage.
-The complete package includes different kinds of accommodation, food solutions, the Italian course, and options regarding insurance, safety, etc.

4) Economic advantages

- The training course is partially covered by the funded training voucher, available by 30/06/2019, ICOTEA obtained in order to partially cover the total amount of this course. The total investment is € 1,500.00, but with this voucher you will pay only € 1,199.00, including VAT.
- Payment by instalments: initial registration fee (€ 399,00) and payment by balance (€ 800,00) at the end of the course, with any additional cost.

Education news

- Qualified mother-tongue teachers with ten years' experience;
- Customised lessons;
- Exercises to hold a conversation in Italian (debates about current topics, lexicon acquisition related to debate topics, idiomatic expressions), simulations, practical assignments;
- Classrooms with a maximum of 15/20 students;
- Technologically advanced instruments (tablet, video projector, etc.).

On request of students and upon agreement with ICOTEA, Italian cultural centres abroad and foreign universities can use our Italian course in their study programmes. To participate in the aforementioned agreement, please contact us using our form.

Discover best way to learn Italian quickly and naturally thanks to a plunge into a new culture that increases the speed of language learning.


Accredited institute by the Ministry

Funded training voucher

Payment by instalments without any additional cost

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Professionals will guarantee you assistance by telephone and skype

Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

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