Prevention and Protection Service Manager course, High risk - 48 hours

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Prevention and Protection Service Manager course, High risk - 48 hours

This course meets the requirements prescribed in the Legislative Decree 81/08 Safety Consolidation Act and the update of the last State-Regions agreement related to the initial training and refresher courses for employers who are Prevention and Protection Health Managers in high-risk companies.
The sectors to which belong HIGH-RISK companies are:

•Mineral extraction
•Other extractive industries
• Food industry
• Clothing industry
•Leather and tanning industry
•Paper/printing and publishing
•Non-metallic mineral products
•Metal processing and production
•Manufacture of machinery, mechanical equipment
•Manufacture of machinery, electrical and electronic equipment
•Energy, gas and water distribution and production
•Waste disposal
•Refineries/processing of nuclear fuels
•Chemical industry/fibres
•Residential social assistance


This course is valid in accordance with the New State-Regions Agreement dated 7 July 2016.
•ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR. Our certificates have legal value in Italy and abroad.
48 Professional training credits will be granted to freelancers, public or private employees registered in Orders/Professional registers/Councils.
• The final certificate will be issued within 24 hours of passing your exam. It will contain the following wording: ""Prevention and Protection Service Manager course, High risk - 48 hours"".

When does this course start?

•This course will start within 24 hours of registration, upon communication, via email, of the registration procedure;
• to access click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol in this course".

Occupational opportunities

Corporate executives, administrators of public/private bodies, high risk business managers. You must attend a refresher course of 14 hours every five years.

Education news

•Both exams and lessons are online;
• the training portal is available 24/7;
• follow your lessons whenever and wherever you want;
• lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
• atutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Access certification

Employers/legal representatives who operate in HIGH RISK sectors (Mineral extraction and other extractive industries, construction, food industry, clothing industry, leather and tanning industry, wood, paper/printing and publishing, non-metallic mineral products, metal processing and production, manufacture of machinery, mechanical equipment, manufacture of machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture, energy, gas and water distribution and production, waste disposal, refineries, processing of nuclear fuels, chemical industry, fibres, rubber, plastic, healthcare, residential social assistance).

Study plan

•Safety regulatory framework
•Main risk factors
•Risk assessment document and Interference risk assessment document
•Individual protection devices and safety data sheets
• Safety related to Electric sector
•Safety related toChemical sector
•Safety related toBuildings sector
•Safety related toTextile sector
•Safety related toPlastic sector
•Safety related toRefineries sector
•Safety related toRubber sector
•Safety related toNuclear sector
•Safety related toExtraction industries sector
•Safety related toWaste sector
•Safety related toPrinting sector
•Safety related to Jewellery sector
•Safety related toFood sector
•Risks from wood dust
• Ffinal exam

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