Prevention and Protection Service Manager course, Module B - PS2 - 16 hours

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This Prevention and Protection Service Manager course (PS2 - 16 hours) for safety at work (as a supplement to module B) aims to acquire knowledge about safety, protection and prevention measures concerning the nature of the risks related to specific work activities of the following sectors: "Extraction of minerals in mines and quarries - Buildings". This course lasts 16 hours.


- This course is valid in accordance with the New State-regions Agreement dated 7 July 2016.
- ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR; the certificates issued by ICOTEA have legal value in Italy and abroad.
- The final certificate will be issued within 24 hours of passing your exam. It will contain the following wording: "Prevention and Protection Service Manager, Module B, PS2 16 hours".
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- Personal assistance.

When does this course start?

- This course will start within 24 hours of registration, upon communication, via email, of the registration procedure;
- For access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol in this course".

Occupational opportunities

Workers who want to work as Prevention and Protection Service Manager in the following fields: "Extraction of minerals in mines and quarries - Buildings".
It is necessary attend and pass modules A and B.

Education news

- Blended learning and full immersion.
- The teacher could need a meeting through videoconferencing/Skype during the exams, exercises and the discussion of the final dissertation.

Access certifications

To take part in this training course, it is required that you have at least upper secondary schooling and the attainment of Modules A and B.

Study plan

- Management, phases of work and working areas in construction sites
- Operational Safety Plan (OSP)
- Health and Safety Co-ordination Plan, Alternative Security Program
- Extractions, mines and quarries
- Individual protection devices and security tabs
- Risk of fire and explosion in mines and work sites
- Machinery and equipment in construction sites
- Mechanical risk
- Cargo handling
- Excavations, demolitions, underground works and tunnels
- Electrical systems, land-based establishments and lighting installations
- Falls from height and provisional works
- Roadworks
- Exposure to physical agents: noise and vibrations
- Exposure to chemical, carcinogenic and mutagenic agents, asbestos in construction sites
- Health surveillance for the construction industry
- Final exam

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