Refresher course for Condominium manager 15 hours

Total cost of course: € 149
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15 PTC

This refresher course for Condominium manager aims to train this professional about condominium discipline, according to the modifications of the Law 220 dated 11 December 2012 and of the Ministerial Decree 140/14, and about legal institutes related to the condominium. A regulatory intervention (Law 11 December 2012 n. 220 and Ministerial Decree n. 140/2014) modified most of the condominium discipline. During this course, the student will focus on this regulations, on structural and functional aspects, contracts and civil and commercial mediation.
Refresher courses for condominium managers, such as this provided by ICOTEA, meet the demand of a greater specialisation of this professional figures, to allow them to work using more complex legal instruments.

When does this course start?

- This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
- For access, click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol in this course";

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Accredited institute by the Ministry

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Payment by instalments without any additional cost

Final Certificate

E-learning platform available 24/7

Professionals will guarantee you assistance by telephone and skype

Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

ICOTEA headquarters


Italian Public Administration e-Marketplace (MePA)

Study plan

- Condominium
- Condominium assembly
- Condominium guidelines
- Condominium expenses
- Condominium balance sheet
- Condominium policy
- Plants and safety
- Psychology of the condominium
- Condominium disagreements
- Condominium majority recap to take decisions
- Final exam


- ICOTEA is a ministerial learning institute accredited by the MIUR, so our certificates have legal value and are valid in Italy and abroad.
- The final certificate will be issued within 24 hours of passing your exam. It will contain the following wording: “Condominium manager - Compulsory refresher course – 15 hours”.

Occupational opportunities

This course aims to update condominium managers to make them real professionals who are able to carry out their demanding activities and to solve daily multifaceted issues.

Educational Advantages

- Both exams and lessons are online;
- The training portal is available 24/7;
- Follow your lessons whenever and wherever you want;
- Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
- Personal online assistance.

Access certifications

This refresher course is for certified condominium managers.