Italian Language Course - Beginner Level - 500 hours

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We applied cutting-edge approach toward learning Italian online and combined it with our signature methodologies and modern technologies to create Basic Italian Language course for those striving for high standards and benefits.


New global rules are characterized by common human mobility. The phenomenon of migration has touched also our country requesting new solutions for dissemination of the Italian language on local and international level. Distance Learning technologies provided basis for new ICOTEA methodologies perfectly displayed in basic Italian lessons from ICOTEA offering Beginner Level course with 500 working hours in order to allow foreign users to use language in everyday and simple personal life situations, but also in family, social and work life.

With minimum level of language proficiency, language learning is one of the key tools for effective integration in both public and private context. Our Basic Italian Course - Beginner Level - 500 working hours allows to acquire and to improve linguistic and communicative skills and cultural knowledge essential to an effective social and work integration.

Why our Italian Language Course?
Our Basic Italian language course (500 hours) allows you:

  • To acquire in-depth knowledge of Italian, thanks to its continued use in a wide range of situations of daily and professional life;
  • To know a new culture enriching your own cultural and ‘human' knowledge;
  • To earn a cultural title recognised in Italy and abroad according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), system of validation of language ability developed by the Council of Europe.


Training advantages:

  • To promote integration of students in the host country, by providing linguistic tools necessary for communication;
  • To stimulate dialogue among different cultures;
  • Knowledge of a foreign language, that is nowadays a necessary requirement to access the world of work without "geographic ranges".


Economic advantages:

  • The training course is partially covered by the funded training voucher available by 30/06/2019. The total investment is € 689.00, but with this voucher you will pay only € 499.00, including VAT.
  • Payment by instalments: initial registration fee (€ 249,00) and payment by balance (€ 250,00) at the end of the course, with any additional cost.



The Italian language course - Basic level (500 hours) is for beginner level students, who are interested in a basic Italian course and want a high-quality product.


Our Italian language course is for:

  • Professionals
  • University students
  • Teachers
  • Employees
  • Freelancers
  • Students


Access certifications

Upper secondary schooling or an equivalent title issued by Italian or foreign schools.


When does this course start?

  • This course will start within 24 hours of registration. We will send the registration procedure and access key to your email address, so you will be able to access lessons immediately;
  • You have to enrol by 30/06/2019;
  • To access click the yellow rectangle on the right of this page "Enrol and buy".


Education news

  • Qualified mother-tongue teachers with ten years' experience
  • Simulations, practical assignments
  • Both exams and lessons are online;
  • The training portal is available 24/7;
  • Follow your lessons from your computer, whenever and wherever you want;
  • Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
  • A tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.


Study plan

  • Main structures of Italian
  • Alphabet
  • Letters, numbers, days
  • Syllables and phonetics
  • Basic grammar elements (phonology, morphology, etc.)
  • Definite and indefinite articles
  • Articles and agreement with genre
  • Basic lexicon, to allow students to have a first contact with the new language and to start communication
  • Basic sentence structure
  • Italian verbs Essere (to be) and Avere (to have)
  • Indicative mood: present simple, present perfect, past tense, future
  • Font
  • Human body
  • How to greet
  • Useful sentences to ask for clarifications
  • Italian formal and informal ways of addressing people (learn when to use ""tu"" and ""lei"" forms)
  • Lexicon and simple sentences related to yourself, family and environment
  • Basic lexicon and simple sentences related to main aspects of civil life.


Our Basic Italian Language Course - Beginner Level - 500 working hours is an investment in your future!
Contact us immediately for any information and get benefits from our offer.


The ministerial accreditations received by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, recognize that ICOTEA is a ministerial e-learning institute qualified in the field of education. ICOTEA delivers high-value online certificate courses recognized by public Institutions.

The Certificates obtained at the end of Master, Degree, Advanced training courses and refresher courses are valid in Italy and abroad for freelancers, public competitions, career advancement, professional credits and school rankings. ICOTEA received ISO 9001:2015 certification by RINA Group ensuring the efficiency of ICOTEA accredited online certificate programs for Masters and Distance Learning courses for public institutions and companies. These courses suit consulting services related to environment, quality and safety for public institutions, companies and conciliation services.

MEPA: Icotea is an authorized Institute by the MEF and Consip for the purchase of services by Public Administration, through the MEPA platform. The MEPA is the P.A. electronic market platform which serves to digitally meet with private service providers.

High School Diploma or equivalent, issued by an Italian or foreign educational institution.

The Italian Language Course - Basic/Beginner Level - 500 hours is aimed at beginner level students who are looking for a basic Italian language course and want a highly qualified product.

Certificate valid to demonstrate knowledge of the Italian language 

  • The Course will start within 24 hours of your enrolment and you will be notified by email of the registration process and your enrolment key, so you will have immediate access to the online lessons;
  • You must register for the Course within 30/09/2021;
  • To log in click on the yellow rectangle on the right of this page " Enroll";
  • To register on the ICOTEA e-learning platform you need to: enter your username, password and facial biometric recognition. 
  • The lessons are in scorm, i.e. consequential, so the physical presence of the student is necessary to continue with the following lessons and to access the final exam. 
  • The final exam (to be taken in 60 minutes) is a test of 20 multiple-choice questions to be taken directly on the platform and an oral exam. You will be able to see your grade immediately. If you do not achieve a mark of 18/30, you can retake the test at no extra cost.
  • Once the final examination has been completed, the teacher will conduct the oral examination via the ZOOM platform (before the examination date you will be sent a guide line to register on ZOOM). The questions asked by the lecturer will cover the topics of the training plan you have studied.
  • At the end of the course, ICOTEA will also check the "Access Reports", and will only issue the final certificate if you have downloaded the lessons and passed the written exam (multiple choice test) and the oral exam. If this is not the case, a communication will be sent by email asking for the required fulfilments.
  • The final certificate can be downloaded from the e-learning platform only after having taken and passed the final test and the oral examination, having paid the balance and having spent the period of the course duration.

  • Main structures of the Italian language
  • Alphabet
  • Letters-numbers-days
  • Syllables and phonetics
  • Basic grammatical elements (phonology, morphology, etc.)
  • Definitive and indeterminative articles
  • Articles and gender concordance
  • Acquisition of a minimum basic vocabulary, allowing the approach to the new language and a beginning of communication
  • Acquisition of basic sentence structure
  • Verbs to be and to have
  • Use of verbs in the indicative tense: present, past tense, imperfect, future tense
  • The character
  • The human body
  • Greetings
  • Useful phrases for asking for explanations
  • Italian formal and informal ways of addressing people (learn when to use ""tu"" and ""lei"" forms)
  • Vocabulary and simple sentences relating to oneself, family and environment
  • Basic vocabulary and simple sentences relating to the main aspects of civic life

There are some economic advantages:

  • This training is partially funded thanks to the Training Voucher (economic advantage from ICOTEA providing students with a partial coverage of the amount of the course) valid until 30/09/2021
    The total investment is 689,00, but thanks to this voucher you will pay only 499,00, VAT included;
  • Payment by installments: initial registration fee (€ 249) and balance payment (€ 250) at the end of the course, without any additional cost;
  • You can get your training by using the € 500.00 Teacher's card (Carta del Docente) featuring compatibility of Training Voucher and Teacher's Card € 500.00.
  • VAT Exemption: Icotea, as University, has the ATECO Code 85.42, so our courses are VAT free. Our students can detract more taxes than the other Universities.
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