Language Certification B2 English level - 60 hours

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Language Certification B2 English level - 60 hours


Level B2


Online Course in B2 English


 Gatehouse B2 level English certificate is recognized by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and more certification departments in the world including Malta, Italy and Greece. This is a mandatory qualification to take part in any public selection. Attend B2 English course to get a medium or high-level certification for job-related reasons and improve your fluency in English. English test B2 is provided to complete the studies. 


Course Goals


ICOTEA B2 level English improves comprehension of the main ideas in complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in particular fields of specialization. B2 course ensures effective interaction with native speakers without strain for either party. Production of clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects is provided as well as easy explanation of a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. 


Course Length



    • 60 hours 



When does it start?


Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration. 


Click on the button Enrol to start this course. Enrol before 30/09/2021 and receive economic benefit of the Training Voucher! 


Contact us to get more information about ICOTEA lessons and test of B2 level English certification to proceed towards your highway to knowledge of the most popular language worldwide.

Ministerial accreditations by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies recognise that ICOTEA is a qualified Ministerial Educational Institute in the field of Formation and is therefore qualified to implement formative activities recognised as suitable by Public Institutions.

Icotea is authorized to issue C2 certification and previous levels  - A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 - of English language, but also Russian, German and Spanish.

ICOTEA has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification from the RINA group in the field of design and supply of professional training courses, masters and distance learning courses for public institutions and companies; consulting services in the field of environment, quality and safety for public institutions and companies and conciliation services.

MEPA: Icotea is enabled by the MEF and Consip for the purchase of services by the Public Administration, through the MEPA platform. The MEPA platform is the electronic marketplace of the Public Administration that allows to meet digitally with private service providers.

The course is intended for teachers and aspiring teachers in schools of all levels, professionals and operators in the school and training sector who wish to acquire language skills and competences corresponding to the B2 level language certification.

The certification of English Level B2, in addition to giving points in case of ministerial selections, is often a prerequisite for enrollment in degree programs, masters, private educational schools, etc..

  • Public competitions;
  • Scores for school rankings;
  • Access to advanced courses, for example CLIL;
  • Validation of ETCS credits;
  • Freelance work;
  • C1 level access;
  • Other areas.

  • FINAL EXAM: due to the coronavirus emergency, the final exam is also held remotely via SkypeCall.
  • The final exam must be booked
  • Send email to to book the final exam in SkypeCall mode;
  • ICOTEA will communicate the schedule of the final exam by email;

In case of a cancellation, interruption or postponement request, you must pay a fee of € 99,00;


  • Qualifying adjectives
  • Noun adjectives
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Adverbs of time
  • Adverbs of place
  • Adverbs of intensity
  • Future progressive
  • Future tense
  • Mixed conditionals
  • Modal verbs
  • Narrative tenses
  • Passive verbs
  • Word list (holiday, transport, weather, shopping, health & exercise, education, jobs, films, media, books and literature, news, lifestyle, culture)

There are some economic advantages:

  • This training is partially funded thanks to the Training Voucher (economic advantage from ICOTEA providing students with a partial coverage of the amount of the course) valid until 30/09/2021
    The total investment is 579.00, but thanks to this voucher you will pay only 429.00, VAT included;
  • Payment by installments: initial registration fee (€ 239) and balance payment (€ 190) at the end of the course, without any additional cost;
  • You can get your training by using the € 500.00 Teacher's card (Carta del Docente) featuring compatibility of Training Voucher and Teacher's Card € 500.00.
  • VAT Exemption: Icotea, as University, has the ATECO Code 85.42, so our courses are VAT free. Our students can detract more taxes than the other Universities.
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