Training for professional association

In 2013 ICOTEA started to pay attention to freelancers’ needs. In 2014, when the Continuing education becomes mandatory for all professional associations, ICOTEA turns into a Provider CME N° 4182 for health care occupations.

Continuing education Accreditations of ICOTEA

ICOTEA received authorisation by the following Orders, Registers and Councils:
• Ministry of Health: CME Provider N° 4182;
• National Council of Lawyers;
• National Council of Social assistants;
• National Council of Notaries;
• National Council of Accountants;
• National Council of Employment consultants;
• National Council of Engineers;
• National Council of Chemists;
• National Council of Industrial experts;

• National Council of Surveyors and Surveyors;
• National Council of Architects;
• National Council of Geologists;
• National Council of Agronomists and Foresters;

• National Council of Food Processing Suppliers

Currently ICOTEA is the institute with more educational offers in the field of Continuing education for freelancers.

ICOTEA provides certificates valid both in Italy and abroad. Moreover, you can earn Professional training credits (PTC) required under the existing rules.


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