Advanced Training Courses

7 Advanced training courses 

ICOTEA offers high quality courses to update and enhance your own skills. You have the chance to improve your knowledge with innovation thanks to online courses. To enrol in one of these education programmes you need at least a school-leaving diploma.

ICOTEA focuses on students' needs, for this reason its e-learning platform is available 24/7. Students can organise they study timetable according their own needs and reduce costs. Moreover, they don't need to move out of home.

High quality education is our mission. We offer highly skilled personnel and great students service experience. All this is manifest in our courses, in which our ability to understand students needs is reflected.

Our currents advanced training courses:
• Cultural and intercultural mediation
• Import-export trade expert
• Work-related learning
• Professional civil mediator/Conciliator

Advanced Training Courses Continuing Training

Cultural/intercultural Mediator course 1500 hours

Teaching and School | Languages | Conflict Management | Immigration | Import-Export | Mediation | Human Resource

Advanced training course 1500 hours - 60 ECTS
60 ECTS - 20 PTC

Advanced Training Courses

Import-export trade expert course 1500 hours

Languages | Import-Export | Mediation | Law/Economy


19 ECTS - 20 PTC

The Import-export trade expert (1500 hours, 19 ECTS) is able to use instruments concerning marketing mix, business communication and sales. The Import and export Trade expert has innate dialectic and linguistic competencies.


Advanced Training Courses

Work-related learning tutor course 400 hours

Teaching and School

Il corso Tutor Scolastico Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro - 400 ore è finalizzato alla formazione di docenti che intendono svolgere il co...