Italian courses

3 Italian courses

Communication supports people integration. ICOTEA offers courses of Italian language as  L2 for non-native Italian speakers.

ICOTEA proposes two kinds of online courses, basic and advanced, according to the level of the Italian language. Moreover, ICOTEA proposes another 100 hours course. We planned  our courses thinking in the easiest way to enhance your linguistic, communication and cultural skills in Italian language, and broaden your knowledge.

Our blended Italian courses let you organise your time according to your needs. Thanks to e-learning platform you can follow lessons wherever and whenever you want.

Choose our Italian courses to support your integration in public and private contexts. ICOTEA guarantees you a high-quality education and economic benefits.

Our current Italian courses:
• Italian as a foreign language
• Italian language Basic level 
• Italian language Advanced level

Italian courses

Italian Language Course - Advanced Level - 500 hours

Italian language

Italian is one of the world's most studied languages. Courses offered by ICOTEA consist of 2 levels (basic and advanced) and a 100-hour specific course for foreign students. You will enhance your linguistic, cultural, and communication skills.