Two-year specialisation courses

n. 3 - Two–year  specialisation courses 3000 hours and 120 ECTS credits (articles 6 and 8 Italian law 341/90)

Qualifications received at the end of this kind of training, provided under articles 6 and 8 Law 341/90, are valid and in conformity with all categories open to recruitment in order to update school rankings.

points 5,00 Mobility and Transfers;
points 6,00 according to the Italian School system: Second range of ranking for teachers and Third ranking for Schools;
points 3,00 Competition for a teaching post;
points 3,00 Rankings for headmasters;
120 ECTS.

ICOTEA provides the following two–year graduate certificate/post-graduate specialisation (3000 hours and 120 ECTS):

Specialisation course in Educational methodologies and Pedagogy in the school of the future;

Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD;

Specialisation course in family mediation.

Access certifications

Any kind of graduation.

Two-year specialisation courses Continuing Training Teaching and School | Continuing education

Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD

Two-year specialisation course
ABA method, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
120 ECTS credits, 50 CME - 3000 hours

Two-year specialisation courses Continuing Training Civil partnership | Healthcare | Human Resource | Sociology | Linguistics | Pedagogy | Psychology | Anthropology

Specialisation course in family mediation

Two-year specialisation course in family mediation
120 ECTS - 50 - 3000 hours