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Course for Professional ethics for Accountants– 30 hours – 30 PTC - Icotea

Course for Professional ethics for Accountants– 30 hours – 30 PTC

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PTC 30

The accountants and expert bookkeepers enrolled in the official register must develop and update their professional skills. Each professional must earn at least 90 Professional Training Credits in three years: 30 credits in one year and n° 9 PTC must be for activities and training events regarding the professional order and ethics, and the principles of independence. The professional activities of accountants and expert bookkeepers require a rigorous knowledge of the legislation, an increasing awareness about rights and obligations, a careful consideration of the discretionary areas, and an adequate control of the organisational sphere.

This course “Professional ethics for Accountants – 30 hours” proposed by ICOTEA aims to strengthen the conditions for independence of the accountant’s activities. It is intended to provide 30 PTC. This course also deals with some specific penalties provided by the current Code of Practice.

Professional references of ICOTEA

You can find the decrees listed below in the page “Accreditations and certifications” in our website:

• National Council of Accountants and Expert bookkeepers: authorisation n° FM/COO/mpp of 20/01/2017
• ISO certification: certificate n° 23020/11/S
• Ministerial accreditations: by the MIUR (Decree of 23/09/2013 O.J. N° 242 of 15/10/213; Decree N° AOODGPER: 6833 of 19/09/2012; Decree N° 474/668 of 31/10/2006); by the Ministry of Justice (Decree of 21/09/2010 N° 123 and the Decision of the Director-General of 11/01/2011 N° 164) and by the Ministry of the Economic Development (Authorisation Prot. N° 0017933 of 30/07/2015).

Educational advantages of ICOTEA

• This programme of study meets the requirements prescribed in the regulations regarding the award of 30 Professional Training Credits.
• This course is ISO-certified.
• Thanks to Distance Learning, you will save time and money.
• Within 24 hours of the evaluation by teachers, students will earn the certificate and PTCs certification. We will then mail copies of both documents.

Economic advantages

• If you enrol by 30/04/2020, you can take advantage of a 50% reduction, thanks to a funding earned by our accreditations.
So, you will pay only € 199,00, VAT included, instead of € 398,00.

Flexible E-learning platform

• Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration
• Lessons also in printable version
• DL platform is available 24/7;
• Personal assistance
• You can sit the exam 24/7

Study plan

• Set of rules
• Professional ethics
• Fees
• Office management
• Mediation techniques
• The anti-money laundering legislation

Contact us form any further information and for the procedures to be followed.