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Post-graduate course in criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation 1500 hours – 40+5 PTC - 50 CME - Icotea

Post-graduate course in criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation 1500 hours – 40+5 PTC - 50 CME

Reduction 50%
€ 1298,00
Total cost of course: € 649,00
Registration fee € 249,00
The remaining € 400 will be paid at the end of the course, with no additional costs
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CFU 60 - PTC 40+5 - CME 50

Through this training ICOTEA has a threefold objective.

Through this training, ICOTEA has a threefold objective. Professionals can develop and update their professional skills in relation to criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation. Moreover, they will get update about themes of ethics. The last but not least advantage is that professionals can acquire knowledge both in their sectoral field and in common subjects with other professional associations. It is intended to provide 40+5 PTC.

The aim of this training is to enhance the skills of professionals who deal with conflicts, both in public or private sectors. Their mediation is required to improve the quality of life of people involved in the conflict. It responds to the needs of professionals who, today more than ever, are engaged in a changing labour market, which requires malleability and a multi-disciplinary approach.

ICOTEA offers this course to comply with the requirement of continuing education for all professionals enrolled in the following registers:

• Social assistants: 40 PTC +5, of which 10 must be compulsory in year one and the remaining 50 must be used in the years ahead;
Health professionals: 50 CME (doctors, psychologists, healthcare assistants, nurses, pharmacists, etc.): 

• Educationalists/instructors: 50 PTC.

Professional references of ICOTEA

You can find the decrees listed below in the page “Accreditations and certifications” in our website:

• Provider: authorisation Prot. n° 4182
• National council of social assistants: authorisation Prot. n° 4581/2016 of 23/11/2016
• ISO certification: certificate n° 23020/11/S
• Ministerial accreditations: by the MIUR (Decree of 23/09/2013 O.J. N° 242 of 15/10/213; Decree N° AOODGPER: 6833 of 19/09/2012; Decree N° 474/668 of 31/10/2006); by the Ministry of Justice (Decree of 21/09/2010 N° 123 and the Decision of the Director-General of 11/01/2011 N° 164) and by the Ministry of the Economic Development (Authorisation Prot. N° 0017933 of 30/07/2015).

Educational advantages of ICOTEA

• This programme of study meets the requirements prescribed in the regulations regarding the compulsory training which provide 60 PTC – 50 CME.
• Our training courses are ISO-certified.
• Thanks to Distance Learning, you will save time and money.
• Within 24 hours of the evaluation by teachers, students will earn the certificate and PTCs certification. We will then mail copies of both documents.

Economic advantages

• If you enrol by 31/01/2020, you can take advantage of a 50% reduction, thanks to a funding earned by our accreditations.
So, you will pay only € 649,00, VAT included, instead of € 1298,00.

Flexible E-learning platform

• Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration
• Lessons also in printable version
• DL platform is available 24/7
• Personal assistance
• You can sit the exam 24/7

Study plan

Criminal mediation module

- General concepts concerning the judicial reform.
- Legal system and its development
- Criminal mediation in the ordinary courts and the applicable regulations
- Juvenile justice in Italy and the applicable regulations
- Juvenile criminal proceedings
- Protection of victims
- The criminal mediator’s role in helping adults
- The criminal mediator’s role in helping children

Family mediation module

- Family life cycle
- Family in the legal system
- The rights of the child on a national and international scale
- System of protection of the child involved in problematic family contexts
- The network of services
- Family custody: analysis of the instrument and changes in regulations
- Systemic Family Mediation
- The family mediator’s role

Health care mediation module

- Health care in Italy
- Health protection for citizens
- Responsibilities of health professions
- Health care mediation
- Technical-professional area
- Mediation techniques: general aspects
- Mediation: When and How
- Conflict negotiation
- Set of rules and professional ethics (social assistants, instructors, health care professions).