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Post-graduate course in Literary translation and texts editing - Icotea

Post-graduate course in Literary translation and texts editing

Training Voucher
€ 999,00
Total cost of course: € 649,00
Registration fee € 249,00
The remaining € 400 will be paid at the end of the course, with no additional costs
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Accredited institute by the Ministry

Funded training voucher

Payment by instalments without any additional cost

Final Certificate

E-learning platform available 24/7

Professionals will guarantee you assistance by telephone and skype

Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

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Post-graduate course in Literary translation and texts editing


This training in "Literary translation and editing of the texts offers a specific preparation for the translation of literary texts from different languages in Italian. From poetry to narrative, from theatre to nonfiction.
In addiction to practical training. It will provide essential elements about the history and the theory of translation. The preparation of editing of the texts also will be managed.


It is aimed to those who have a degree in Linguistic Mediation or in Language studies, that intend to specialise in literary sector, to translators and interpreters that want improve their knowledge in this field. Graduates with ad advanced knowledge of Italian language and of an other language between: English.
The student will learn how to resolve the problems about this kind of translation.
The programme provides the specialization in two foreign languages (1500 hours for 60 CFU).


• The training course is partially funded thanks to the funded training voucher, available by 29/02/2020. The total investment is € 649.00, but you can pay in instalments with no additional costs;
• Lessons and exams are in blended, when and wherever you want (online+video conferencing+ video lessons+SkypeCall);
• Up to 5 SkypeCalls with a Tutor during your training;
• Training portal available 24/7;
• Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
• A tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Occupational opportunities

• Publishers
• Traslation agencies
• Newspapers
• Participations in announcements, projects, etc.
• Professional training and update courses
• Freelance

Access requirements

Degree in Foreign Languages or other degrees but with an advanced knowledge of Italian language and one between: English, French, Spanish, German.

Study Plan

• Translation theory L-LIN/02
• Theory of literary genres
• CAT Tools
• The punctuation, the dialogues
• Translation theory
• Slang words, realia
• Editing, writing, drafting
• The invisibility of traductor
• Editorial Marketing
• Practical exercises
• Final exam

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