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Responsible for data management - Icotea

Responsible for data management

Total cost of course: € 220,00
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Accredited institute by the Ministry

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Payment by instalments without any additional cost

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Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration

ICOTEA headquarters


Italian Public Administration e-Marketplace (MePA)

Privacy - 12 working hours

Legislative decree 196/03 “Code in matter of personal data privacy” abrogated all previous regulations related, included Law 675/96. All the companies/institutions must urgently provide to adjust themselves to the current regulation: if they don’t legalise their position they will receive administrative and penal sanctions. For all these reasons and in order to redact and update within the 31 of March the DPS (Documento programmatico per la sicurezza dei dati – data safety programmatic Document) this course has been created.

Training obligation

Referring to point 19.6, attach B of legislative decree 196/03, Responsible for data treatment, after being hired or changing role , have to receive necessary training and updating in case of introduction of new data.

When does the course start?

The course starts within 24 hours after registration.


Every employee, managing with every kind of individual data, designed to be responsible for data management must receive proper training.

  • general mentions of legislation in matter of privacy safeguard
  • obligations in matter of privacy, included safety measures for computer and paper archive
  • right of access for people concerned
  • responsibilities for illicit or prohibited management of data
  • personal data protection obligations through the adoption of safety measures
  • recurring records in office activity, according to administrative judge’s sentences and Privacy Guarantor’s pronouncement
  • data management with the help of electronic instruments or without them
  • updating and redacting obligation of data safeguard programmatic document (DPS – Documento programmatico per la sicurezza dei dati)
  • final exam