TORFL Language Certification C2 Russian Level - 380 hours

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TORFL Language Certification C2 Russian Level - 380 hours

C2 Level - 380 hours

Online Course in Russian level C2 

ICOTEA is an accredited institution for level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 language certificates in Russian language. C2 level Russian courses from ICOTEA complete the way to knowledge of the language worldwide providing complete set of linguistic skills for communication, writing and comprehension on the level of native speaker. 

ICOTEA is an examination institution for TORFL Russian C2 certification in partnership with Herzen State Pedagogical University of Saint Petersburg authorized by the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education, University and Research), M.D. dated 23 September 2013, published in O.J. n. 242 dated 15 October 2013. Russian language certification system was implemented by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. 

Course goals

Russian C2 level certification delivers competence is close to native Russian speakers. Enables certified holder to receive a Master of Arts degree in philology, undertake all forms of work in Russian philology. 

Course Length

When does the course start?

Lessons and video lessons will be available within 24 hours of registration.

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Contact us to get more information about ICOTEA Russian courses of C2 level and complete your way to knowledge of the actual language worldwide.

Training Voucher: an economic advantage that is valid up to 29/02/2020 and allows you to partially cover the total amount of this course. The total investment should be 849,00€; the training voucher reduces it at 699,00€, VAT included;

Payment in instalments: first registration fee (€ 349,00) and balance payment at the end (€ 350,00), without any additional cost;

Teacher's Card up to € 500,00 bonus, together with the Training Voucher - Dealer Code: ZAIXV. Teachers can enrol in our courses by using the Teacher's Card;

• The course fee includes the final exam.

• blended lessons and exams;
• up to 4 SkypeCall with a tutor during your training;
• e-learning platform is available 24/7;
• lessons and video lessons are available within 24 hours of registration;
• a tutor will answer your questions within 24 hours.

Exams' sessions: 10th March (Milan)– 10th June (Ispica) – 10th September (Milan) – 10th December (Ispica) of each year;
• You can sit your exam both in Milan or Ispica (Ragusa);
Before the final exam, we suggest you to book a SkypeCall with your tutor to be prepared for your exam;
Compulsory reservation: book by the 1st day of the month before the exam session you have chosen. In case of cancellation or deferment you should pay 99 €;
• For those who want to obtain the certification before the existing exams' sessions can require an extraordinary session paying 199 €.

• Access to Master's degree and other forms of work in Russian;
• ECTS recognition;
• Freelance;
• Other sectors

• The final exam consists of 5 tests (subparts): Grammar and Lexical compentences; Reading; Writing; Listening; Speaking;
• We recommend you to use a monolingual dictionary;
• To obtain the qualification, candidates must achieve the minimum overall pass mark of 66%. Candidates who fail two or more tests have to take all the exam again.

School-leaving certificate