ICOTEA’s partners are all over the country.

ICOTEA’s partners are private schools, educational organisations, cultural associations.

The activities carried out by our partners are:

• guidance activities
• educational activities;
• access to graduate certificates, degree courses, advanced training courses, certifications.

A lot of ADVANTAGES for those who choose to join ICOTEA:

- cooperating with an accredited ministerial institute in constant expansion;
- earning some of highest commissions available;
- taking advantage of a personal customer care and a young and dynamic team;
- Acquiring new associates, re-earning the old ones and preserving those they are accustomed to, thanks to our educational proposal including more than one hundred courses (graduate certificates, degree courses, advanced training courses);
- using the ICOTEA brand to promote and market services.
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Our partners:

• UF ACADEMY - Via Sorgente n. 79 – 73017 Sannicola (Italy)
• Nuovo Obiettivo Scuola – via G. di Prisco n. 47 – 80044 Ottaviano (Italy)
• CSO Centro Studi – piazza Risorgimento n. 9 – 93017 San Cataldo (Italy)