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Two-years specialisation courses: Specialisation course in ABA, SEN, SLD; Specialisation course in Educational methodologies and Pedagogy in the school of the future; Specialisation course in family mediation.

Single subjects: ICOTEA, school of Studies in Language Mediation (SSML ICOTEA) provides single courses that are part of our bachelor’s degree. List of single courses: Italian literature (L-FIL-LETT/10), English language I (L-LIN/12), French Language I (L-LIN/04), English literature (L-LIN/10), French literature (L-LIN/03), Contemporary Italian literature (L-FIL-LETT/11), Business organisation (SECS-P/09), Public law (IUS/09), Theory and philosophy of languages (M-FIL/05), English language II (L-LIN/12), French Language II (L-LIN/04), Linguistic mediation English - Italian I (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation French - Italian I (L-LIN/04), Spanish (L-LIN/07), European financial law (IUS/12), Financial sciences (SECS-P/03), Linguistic mediation Italian – English II (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation Italian – French II (L-LIN/04), German (L-LIN/14), Contemporary history (M-STO/04), European union Law (IUS/14), IT (INF/01), Private law (IUS/01), Teaching modern foreign languages (L-LIN/02); Teaching Italian as a second language L2 (L-FIL-LET/12); Teaching foreign languages (L-LIN/02); Commercial law (IUS/04); Business management (SECS-P/07); Economic policy (SECS-P/02); Political Economy (SECS-P/01); German phylology (L-FIL-LET/15); Romance phylology (L-FIL-LET/09); Comparative philosophy (M-FIL/06); Theoretical philosophy (M-FIL/01); Moral philosophy (M-FIL/03); Logic and Philosophy of Science (M-FIL/02); Estetics (M-FIL/04); History of philosophy (M-FIL/06); History of ancient philosophy (M-FIL/07); History of medieval philosophy (M-FIL/08); Cultural Geography (M-GGR/01); Economic and political geography (M-GGR/02); Linguistics (L-LIN/01); Comparative literature (L-FIL-LET/14); English literature II (L-LIN/10); English literature III ( L-LIN/10); Latin language and literature (L-FIL-LET/04); Spanish literature I (L-LIN/05); Spanish literature II (L-LIN/05); Spanish literature III (L-LIN/05); German literature I (L-LIN/13); German literature II (L-LIN/13); German literature III (L-LIN/13); French literature II (L-LIN/03); French literature III (L-LIN/03); French literature III (L-LIN/04); English literature III (L-LIN/12); Spanish II (L-LIN/08); Spanish III (L-LIN/08); German II (L-LIN/17); German III (L-LIN/17); Italian linguistics (L-FIL-LET/12); General psychology (M-PSI/01); Behavioral neuroscience and Physiological psychology (M-PSI/02); Social psychology (M-PSI/05); Labour psychology (M-PSI/06); French translation and sectoral languages (L-LIN/04); English translation and sectoral languages (L-LIN/12); Spanish translation and sectoral languages (L-LIN/07); German translation and sectoral languages (L-LIN/14); Sociology of cultural processes (SPS/08); General sociology (SPS/07); sociology of economic and labour processes (SPS/09); Political sociology (SPS/11); Sociology of law, deviance and social changes (SPS/12); Medieval history (M-STO/01); Modern history (M-STO/02); Contemporary history (M-STO/04); Art history (L-ART/02); History of Pedagogy (M-PED/02); Medieval art (L-ART/01); History of Sciences and Techniques (M-STO/05); Greek history (L-ANT/02); History of Rome (L-ANT/03); History of philosophy (M-FIL/06).

24 ECTS Special pedagogy and Inclusive teaching (M-PED) + Psychology (M-PSI) + Anthropology (M-DEA/01) – M-FIL/03 – L-ART/08) + General educational and digital methodologies (M-PED/03 – M-PED/03 – M-PED/04). You can earn 24 ECTS even by enrolling in one of the following post-graduate courses: “Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role”, “Special Educational Needs (SEN)”, “Specific Learning Disability (SLD)”, “Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments” and “ABA method”.

Post-graduate courses: Specific Learning Disability, Family Mediator, Pedagogy and Education, Safety and Environmental Management, Teaching Italian to Foreign people L2, Special Educational Needs (SEN), iLaw and Economics: Human Resources Management, Educational and Digital Methodologies in Contemporary Learning Environments, Headmaster: between new rules and training organisation; Legal forensic translation, Literary translation and texts editing, Teaching of modern foreign languages, Tourism Management, E-commerce management, Creative Web Writing, Social media marketing, Criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation, Cyberbullying and Burnout management, School 3.0: mobbing and school inclusion, Supplementary post-graduate course in Family Mediation.

Degree: our degree in Linguistic Mediation Science has the same legal value of degrees conferred by universities in accordance with the Ministerial Decree n. 38 of 10 January 2002;

Advanced training/postgraduate courses: cultural and intercultural mediator, Import/Export trade expert, CLIL methodology, Digital Animator, Work-related learning tutor, Personal Support and Communication Assistant, Civil mediator, retraining Care assistant into Social and Healthcare assistant;

Italian language courses: Italian language for foreign people, Italian language: advanced/beginner level, teaching Italian to foreign people L2;

Informatics certifications: Scuola 3.0 LIM (interactive led projectors), Scuola 3.0 TABLET and Pekit expert.

Other Courses: Safety at Work, Food handler/HACCP, First Aid, Fire Fighting, CME, Insurance expert, Condominium manager, Certified Energy Auditor).

CME: ICOTEA has been accredited by the Ministry of Health as Provider n. 4182 for CME - Continuing Medical Education. ICOTEA is authorised to provide training for healthcare professionals and to issue training credits certifications to its students (Family mediator/ Safety and environmental management/Pedagogy and Education/ Specific Learning Disability/Special Educational Needs/Law and Economics/Civil mediator/Prevention and Protection Service Manager module B/ retraining Care assistant into Social and Healthcare assistant/Personal Support and Communication Assistant.

ECTS: The University Educational Credit, in Italian called CFU (ECTS), is a method used in Italian universities to measure the student workload. This system was introduced by the university reform M.D. dated 3 November 1999 n. 509. Each academic exam corresponds to a certain number of credits estimating the effort required; conventionally 1 ECTS equals 25 study hours. In order to obtain the degree in Linguistic Mediation (with the same legal value of degrees conferred by universities), the student needs to obtain 180 credits, divided over three years, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree n. 38 10 January 2012. The really interesting aspect for those who want to enrol in this degree course is the student has the opportunity to graduate soon, thanks to the recognition of ECTS related to previous academic careers (completed or suspended) and work experience concerning the linguistic mediation. Degree in Linguistic mediation science, post-graduate courses, advanced training and postgraduate courses. PTC/Professional Training Credits: currently ICOTEA is the training institute with the highest number of post-graduate courses/training and update courses accredited in Orders/Registers/Associations in order to validate to our students the Professional Training Credits. The number of Professional Training Credits varies according to the number of hours and the Order/Register/Association to which you make a request. Postgraduate courses, advanced training and other courses.

Teacher’s card: Compatibility of Funded Training Voucher and "Teacher's Card € 500,00". ICOTEA is a ministerial e-learning institute accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in accordance with the Directive n. 170/16 Dealer code ZAIXV. Teachers can enrol in our training courses taking advantage of the Teacher’s Card.

Training Voucher: you can take advantage of the training voucher to cover partially the total amount of your training.

In accordance with the current legislation, work exemption acknowledgment is authorised by the Public Administration that recognises ICOTEA as a qualified and certified institute for school personnel training.