ICOTEA Provider n. 4182

ICOTEA was accredited by the Ministry of Health as Provider n. 4182 for the CME training - Continuing Medical Education. ICOTEA, is authorised to offer training to health professionals and to issue training credits certifications to its students.

What is CME?

CME (Continuing Medical Education) is a system that includes the set of all training activities, promoted by any person who aims to keep health operators updated.

What are CME credits?

CME credits measure the commitment and the time each operator dedicates to training and update each year.

Training courses issued by ICOTEA which are valid for CME

Family Mediator/Safety and Environmental Manager/Pedagogy and Education/Specific Learning Disability (SLD)/Special Educational Needs (SEN)/Law and Economics/Civil Mediator/Prevention and Protection Service Manager (RSPP) module B/Retraining from Care assistant into Health and social assistant/Personal Support and Communication Assistant.

Who are health professionals?

Health operators interested in CME training offer are: surgeons, pharmacists, psychologists, chemists, health assistants, professional educator, dental hygienists, pediatric nurses, orthoptists, chiropodists, hearing care professionals, abestos prevention technicians, neurophysiology technicians, nurses and medical radiology technicians, neuro-psycho-motility therapists, dental technicians, odontologists, veterinarians, biologists, physicists, dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, speech therapists, obstetricians, hearing aid specialists, physiopathology and cardiovascular perfusion technicians, mental health rehabilitation technician, orthopedists, medical lab technicians, occupational therapists, opticians.