ECTS credits

What are CFU (ECTS)?

CFU (university learning credit) represents a manner for measuring the student workload in the Italian universities. This system was introduced by the university reform M.D. 3 November 1999 n. 509. To each university exam is associated a certain number of ECTS, conventionally 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 study hours. In order to obtain the degree in Linguistic Mediation Science, the student needs to earn 180 credits (in accordance with the Ministerial Decree n. 38 10 January 2012) divided over three years. The really interesting aspect for those who want to enrol in this degree course is that the student will graduate soon, thanks to the recognition of ECTS related to previous academic careers (completed or suspended) and work experience concerning linguistic mediation.

ECTS acknowledgement

ICOTEA provides the postgraduate course in Cultural Mediator giving to students 60 ECTS in order to obtain the degree in linguistic mediation science that consists of 180 credits. In this way the student can directly enrol to the second year; a very notable advantage for people who want to graduate in this popular job sector. If you already sat academic exams or you suspended your studies, fill out the form for the ECTS acknowledgement and complete your training plan. Even work experiences in this field can be considered to collect credits. Invest in your future and contact us for receiving further information. if you already sat any exam, send to concerning certifications, writing in the subject "ECTS acknowledgement".

Valid training courses issued by ICOTEA for ECTS are

Linguistic mediation science degree/masters/postgraduate courses