Specialisation courses

Two–year specialisation courses - 3000 hours and 120 ECTS credits (articles 6 and 8 Italian law 341/90)

Qualifications received at the end of this training, provided under articles 6 and 8 Law 341/90, are valid and in conformity with all categories open to recruitment in order to update school rankings.

points 5,00 Mobility and Transfers;
points 6,00 according to the Italian School ranking for associate teachers and graduates;
points 3,00 Competition for a teaching post;
points 3,00 Rankings for headmasters;
• 120 ECTS.

ICOTEA provides the following two–year specialisation courses (3000 hours and 120 ECTS):

Educational methodologies and Pedagogy in the school of the future;

Specific Learning Disability (SLD), Special Educational Needs and Applied behavior analysis (ABA) method;

Family mediation.

Access certifications

Any kind of bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Prohibition of attending other academic courses simultaneously

You can’t attend other academic courses (including ECTS) during this training.

S.O.F.I.A. platform

You can view our accredited courses even on the S.O.F.I.A. platform.

You can enrol just on www.icotea.it