PTC/training for professional orders

Professional training credits

From 1 January 2014 all students, trainees or licensed at National Council of Accountants, Order of Lawyers, Bookkeepers, Engineers, Chemists, Experts, Surveyors, Job consultants, Notaries, etc., must attend update continuing training activities. Continuing training is realised thanks to the participation in training events accredited by professional Orders, Registers, Councils and through the attribution of a certain number of credits. ICOTEA was authorised as Provider for distance learning training (DLT) by the National Council of Engineers, Chemists, Job consultants, Journalists, Notaries and Accountants. ICOTEA offers a multitude of courses, which are valid for ECTS acknowledgement.

Why choose ICOTEA?

currently, ICOTEA is the ministerial learning institute with the biggest number of masters/training and update courses accredited by professional Orders, Registers and Councils, in order to issue professional training credits. The number of professional training credits can vary according to the hours and the Order/Register/Council to which you make a request.

Training courses issued by ICOTEA which are valid for Professional training credits