Single subjects

Single subjects: you can attend single subjects (taken by our degree course in Science of lingistic mediation) at our School for Linguistic Mediators “ICOTEA”, authorised by the MIUR (Ministry of Public Education, University and Research), with the Decree of 23/09/2013 – O.J. No 242 of 15/10/2013.

List of single subjects: Italian literature (L-FIL-LETT/10), English language I (L-LIN/12), French language I (L-LIN/04), English literature (L-LIN/10), French literature (L-LIN/03), Contemporary Italian literaure (L-FIL-LETT/11), Business organisation (SECS-P/09), Public law (IUS/09), Theory and philosophy of languages (M-FIL/05), English language II (L-LIN/12), French language II (L-LIN/04), Linguistic mediation English-Italian I (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation French-Italian I (L-LIN/04), Spanish language (L-LIN/07), European financial law (IUS/12), Financial sciences (SECS-P/03), Linguistic mediation Italian-English II (L-LIN/12), Linguistic mediation Italian-French II (L-LIN/04), German language (L-LIN/17), Contemporary history (M-STO/04), IT (INF/01), Private law (IUS/01). You can obtain the 24 CREDITS too; Psychology (M-PSI); Social pedagogy and Inclusive teaching (M-PED); General educational and digital methodologies (M-PED/03 - M-PED/04); Anthropology (M-DEA/01 - M-FIL/03 - L-ART/08). Graduate certifications that also issue the 24 credits are: “Pedagogy and Education, teacher’s role”, “Special Educational Needs”, “Specific Learning Disability (SLD)”, ‘‘Educational and Digital methodologies in contemporary learning environments’’.