ICOTEA’s teachers

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships (Michael Jordan). ICOTEA has grown up rapidly thanks to our talent and passion. We represent a dynamic, lively and ever-changing reality. In short, in this section you will discover our experiences, our history and any curiosity about us in order to know better your teachers. Have a good reading!

Dean: Prof. Tommaso Barone

Head mistress: Manager Prof. Luciana Barone

Master section: Manager Prof. Innocenzo Leontini

Degree section: Manager Prof. Elena Livia

Degree section: Prof.ssa Vanessa Giuca

Training courses section: Manager Prof. Cristina Giurdanella

Safety section: General manager Simona Saccaro

Safety section: Collaborator Salvatore Guastella

Administration section: General manager Annamaria Frasca

Administration section: Collaborator Rosario Gianna

Rector Prof. Luciana Barone

Professor Luciana Barone earned two degrees, both in Political Sciences and Law. She also earned two masters, one in Comparative law and the other one in Health...

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Prof. Innocenzo Leontini

Professor Innocenzo Leontini teaches humanistic subjects at ICOTEA. He has dedicated most of his life to study, nurturing dialectics, communication and writing. His academic...

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Prof. Elena Livia

Professor Elena Livia teaches English and Spanish languages and literature. She is interpreter and translator in both languages. She has consolidated her excellent knowledge...

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Dott.ssa Vanessa Giuca

Professor Vanessa Giuca earned a master’s degree in foreign languages and literature with highest honours. She is specialised in English and German and she teaches German...

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Prof.ssa Simona Saccaro

Simona Saccaro, experienced in communication, after earning a classical high school diploma, has consolidated her skills through her work experiences and studies. First of...

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Prof. Cristina Giurdanella

Professor Cristina Giurdanella was born in Zehlendorf, Berlin. She manages ICOTEA’s training courses. In Germany, she received her degree in German language and literature...

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Prof. Salvatore Guastella

Professor Salvatore Guastella, called Turi, graduated in Business Economics and Management, companies and public authority management at Università Cattolica del Sacro cuore in...

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Annamaria Frasca

Annamaria Frasca manages ICOTEA’s administration. She has different experiences both in show business and scenic design. Apparently she has interests in contrast: sciences and...

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Rosario Gianna

Rosario Gianna is a precious collaborator for ICOTEA’s administration. His degree in Business economics and Management guarantees his qualified professional experience at...

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