ICOTEA’s teachers

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships (Michael Jordan). ICOTEA has grown up rapidly thanks to our talent and passion. We represent a dynamic, lively and ever-changing reality. In short, in this section you will discover our experiences, our history and any curiosity about us in order to know better your teachers. Have a good reading!

Principal: Professor Tommaso Barone

Rector: Professor Luciana Barone

Master Area: Professor Corrado Mainenti

Degree Area: General Director Professor Elena Livia

Degree Area: Professor Vanessa Giuca

Degree Area: Professor Giovanni Francesco Fidone

Educational Area: General Director Cristina Giurdanella

Safety Area: General Director Simona Saccaro

Safety Area: Director Salvatore Guastella

Student Office: General Director Annamaria Frasca

Administrative Office: General Director Rosario Gianna

Marketing&CommunicationArea: General Director Mario Giarratana

Rector Prof. Luciana Barone

Luciana Barone is the CEO of ICOTEA, where she is also University President and Professor of Private Law of the Degree Course in Science of Linguistic Mediation.She achieved...

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Prof. Elena Livia

Elena Livia is ICOTEA Director of Degree sector and professor of English and Spanish language and literature.After she has achieved the degree in Science of Linguistic...

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Dott.ssa Vanessa Giuca

Vanessa Giuca is Professor of German LanguageAfter she achieved the Degree in Foreign Language and Literature with highest honors and laude, she specialized in foreign...

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Dott.ssa Simona Saccaro

Simona Saccaro is ICOTEA Director of Safety Area.After she attended Classical Lyceum, Simona Saccaro achieved the degree in Science of Linguistic Mediation at School of...

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Prof. Cristina Giurdanella

Cristina Ines Giurdanella is the Director of ICOTEA educational courses and German lecturer.She was born in Germany, and after she completed the first part of her studies in...

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Prof. Salvatore Guastella

Salvatore Guastella is Professor of Safety at the Workplace.He is graduated in Economy and Management of Services, specialized in Companies and Public Administrations...

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Dott.ssa Annamaria Frasca

Annamaria Frasca is the Director of ICOTEA Students Office.After having studied at Scientific-Technologic Lyceum, she graduated in Visual Arts and Theatrical Disciplines at...

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Dott.re Rosario Gianna

Rosario Gianna is ICOTEA Amnistrative Director.He gets a degree in Economy and Management and he achieved a Master in Project Management, consolidating his preparation in...

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Dott.re Mario Giarratana

Mario GiarMario Giarratana è responsabile dell’area Marketing e Comunicazione e responsabile dell’Ufficio Social e docente di Marketing e Social Media.Dopo la laurea in...

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Dott.re Corrado Mainenti

Corrado Mainenti is Professor in Humanistic Subjects and Responsible of Master sector.After the Degree in Psycological Science and Technique at Catania University, he gets in...

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Avv. Giovanni Francesco Fidone

Giovanni Francesco Fidone is Professor of Public Law.He is a lawyer specialized in Administrative Law.After significant experiences in two famous legal offices in Catania and...

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