Rosario Gianna

Dott. Rosario GiannaRosario Gianna is a precious collaborator for ICOTEA’s administration. His degree in Business economics and Management guarantees his qualified professional experience at ICOTEA.

He also has a Master in Management of European Structural Funds and he loves water sports like swimming and water polo.

He satisfied his passion for fitness, working at the front office of different wellness centres and dedicating to provide safety in beaches and swimming pools.

He also developed an excellent competence in Facebook pages management.

While he is irreprehensible at work, he has a secrete passion in the field of fantasy too: he loves comics, mangas and anime, in which the protagonist always wins even if the enemy is considered unbeatable. Loneliness, boredom and the East existentialism are essential elements of these productions, in which the positive hero beats each negativity, as in Dragon Ball, Mazinga or Akira and Ken the warrior.

He works following this philosophy. In this way ICOTEA copes with the competition of the bigger structures in the global market, and wins the challenge with success, strenght, quality and the requested training.

ICOTEA obtains always great results deriving from demanding debates. Rosario Gianna is an economics expert, a swimming champion and a manga lover very precious for ICOTEA. To have talent means to be different, when proposes are always the same. Rosario Gianna and ICOTEA are a clear example of talent.