Prof.ssa Simona Saccaro

Prof.ssa Simona SaccaroSimona Saccaro, experienced in communication, after earning a classical high school diploma, has consolidated her skills through her work experiences and studies.

First of all, she worked as an ambassador for the EU Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan, managing the Facebook official page and publishing articles in French and English taken from the Web Magazine; and as an assistant project manager at civic schools for interpreters and translators of Fondazione Milano, developing an advertising campaign for the course of international communication and creating the Facebook official page, a Twitter and Instagram account, the You-Tube channel and the blog on Word-Press. This experience has encouraged her inclination to work in the communications field.

She earned a degree in the science of linguistic mediation at the high school for linguistic mediators of the Centro Masterly in Palermo, and a master’s in international communication at civic schools Altiero Spinelli of Fondazione Milano for interpreters and translators.

Thanks to her specialisation in French and English, she collaborated with the editorial staff of News Esteri of Radio Popolare of Milan, both in writing and reading on air and carrying out interviews and translations in both languages.

Simona Saccaro co-authored the book “Comunicatori a bottega: e noi che pensavamo di andare solo all’università”, published by Blonk Editori, 2015.

She also worked as a project manager, managing and developing a project which culminated in the launch of the start-up Baciaski, in Piedmont. Simona Saccaro even took part in an internship in the press office and public relations section at AIGO, in Milan.

Saccaro managers the Safety sector and Social networks.  She also manages the academic and social office.