Rector Prof. Luciana Barone

Rettrice Prof.ssa Luciana BaroneProfessor Luciana Barone earned two degrees, both in Political Sciences and Law. She also earned two masters, one in Comparative law and the other one in Health Management.

Currently, she is ICOTEA’s head-mistress, Dean of the Linguistic Mediation Science course, and instructor of labour law.

She has innate problem solving ability. She believes e-learning is the most appropriate and lifelong method. ICOTEA is a leader institute in the field of distance learning.

At each step in the process, she demonstrates her professionalism. She consistently produces the highest quality training products.

It is not a coincidence that ICOTEA was accredited by the National Order of Journalists and National Council of Engineers, Chemists, Journalists, Labour Consultants, Social Assistants, Notaries and Accountants as a Provider for training activities for their members. This accomplishment was made possible through her persistent pursuit of excellence. She is aware of delicate social issues. She carried out training courses concerning special educational needs, specific learning disabilities, cultural mediation problems, and integration.

Luciana Barone and her excellent professional staff work with extreme dynamism and energy. ICOTEA’s staff determination guarantees your success. ICOTEA is an academic community that includes different degree courses, some of these online and others in situ.

Luciana Barone asserts the athenaeum will be a cultural centre for training activities and local cultural initiatives. A cultural centre in which an Euro-Mediterranean integration is available.

Luciana Barone is very ambitious and aims to implement the organisation’s goals on a wider scale. She is a cultural operator who battle local limits and bureaucratic obstacles, in order to cope with continuous changes in communication and training.

Initiatives, deadlines and changes are continuous and unstoppable. keep in mind the maxim “Never stop”.