Professional education

ICOTEA is a qualified institute in the field of training, born in 1998.

In 2013 ICOTEA appreciated the importance of cultural and professional heritage of freelancers.
In 2014, ICOTEA was accredited as a provider CME n° 4182 for health profession. In January of 2014, continuing education became mandatory for members of these professional orders.

ICOTEA is recognised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research) as a qualified institute, with many accreditations:

ICOTEA also received accreditations by the Ministry of Justice, through the following provisions:

The qualified training provided by ICOTEA is also certified by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) through:

ICOTEA provides ISO (23020/11/s) training courses.

Currently, ICOTEA is the training institute which offers the greatest number of educational opportunities in the field of continuing education for freelancers. From 1 January 2014, all professionals enrolled in the National Council of Chartered Accountants and expert bookkeepers, or in the Orders of Labour consultants, Notaries, Statutory Auditors, Social Assistants, Journalists, Engineers, Chemists, Experts, Surveyors, or in the registers of Doctors, Health professionals, Nurses, Psychologists and Pharmacists must take part in the training events accredited by their orders regarding their own competencies. These professionals must maintain and update their skills continuously while earning PTCs.

At the end of the training programmes, ICOTEA issues valid certificates both in Italy and abroad which provide required Professional Training Credits (PTC).

Professional references of ICOTEA

ICOTEA takes advantage of the accreditations and authorisations as a DL provider by various Orders/Registers/Professional associations, as the following list shows:
Year 2014

Year 2005

Year 2016

Years 2017

Educational advantages of ICOTEA

Our training programmes meet the requirements prescribed in the regulations related to the PTCs acquisition.
ICOTEA provides ISO (23020/11/s) training courses.
Thanks to Distance Learning, you will save time and money.
Within 24 hours of the evaluation by teachers, students will earn the certificate and PTC certification. We will then mail copies of both documents.

Economic advantages

You can take advantage of a 50% reduction, due to an EU funding earned thanks to our accreditations.

Flexible E-learning platform

- Lessons are available within 24 hours of registration
- Lessons also in printable version
- DL platform is available 24/7;
- Personal assistance
- You can sit the exam 24/7

List of our educational offers according to the Professional Order

- Professional Ethics for Social Assistants – 15 hours – 15 PTC
- Professional Ethics for Notaries – 40 hours - 40 PTC
- Course for Statutory Auditors and Professional Ethics – 20 hours – 20 PTC
- Professional Ethics for Accountants – 30 hours 30 - PTC
- Professional Ethics for Labour consultants – 6 hours - 6 PTC
- Professional Ethics for Journalists – 20 hours - 20 PTC
- Professional Ethics for Health professions – 50 hours - 50 PTC – 50 CME
- Anti-money laundering obligations for professionals (tax consultants, accountants, expert bookkeepers, statutory auditors, notaries, labour consultants) 60 hours – 60 PTC
- Civil partnerships and forms of cohabitation outside marriage: property, fiscal and inherited aspects, negotiating autonomy (notaries, accountants, tax consultants, labour consultants) 60 hours – 60 PTC
- Revision, civil and tax mediation and arbitration (tax consultants, accountants, expert bookkeepers, statutory auditors, notaries, labour consultants) 60 hours - 60 PTC
- Master in criminal, juvenile, family and social mediation (social assistants, educationalist, psychologists, etc.) 1500 hours – 50 PTC- 50 CME.
- Law and Economics: human resources management (tax consultants, accountants, expert bookkeepers, statutory auditors, notaries, labour consultants) 50 hours - 50 PTC


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