Training for Agronomists and Foresters

National Council of Agronomists and Foresters

ICOTEA offers Master degree, high education and refresher online courses in agriculture accredited by National Council of Agronomists and Foresters. Our online forestry courses provide comprehensive knowledge necessary for managing and preserving modern terrestrial ecosystems, essential role of forests and green zones in country development as well as various aspects of bio-based economy.

Taking online agronomy courses from ICOTEA, you will deal with topics concerning complete range of sectors including agriculture, fishing, forestry, construction, extraction of minerals in mines and quarries, residential healthcare, health and social work, hospital services, residential social assistance, chemical and petrochemical plants, manufacturing activities, coke production, derived oil products and chemicals production.

Attending our forestry classes online and training programs you receive a powerful education platform to update or refresh training in prevention and protection of green reserves and terrestrial ecosystems.

ICOTEA online forestry courses include:

Post-graduate course in Safety and Environmental Management

Professional Civil Mediator/Conciliator course

Biennial refresher course for Civil Mediator/Conciliator

Safety coordinator course 12o hours